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Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy

Advanced maternal age pregnancy is an option for many women

At our Tennessee IVF center, we know that an advanced maternal age pregnancy is not always easy, but it is possible for many women. A woman is born with about one million eggs, and this number drops to around 300,000 by the time she hits puberty. This number continues to diminish as she ages. With the help of fertility specialists, women can still fulfill their dream of motherhood later in life.

Why advanced maternal age pregnancy can be challenging

Many factors influence an advanced maternal age pregnancy.

  • Diminished egg quality and quantity. As a woman ages, the quality and quantity of her eggs decrease. A healthy 30-year-old only has a 20% chance of conceiving, and by the time she reaches 40, she has less than a 5% chance of conceiving each cycle.
  • Chromosomal abnormalities. As a woman ages, she is also more likely to have eggs with chromosomal abnormalities. Eggs with too many or too few chromosomes can prevent an embryo from implanting or could cause a miscarriage.

The specialists at our Tennessee IVF center can support women through the process of advanced maternal age pregnancy by helping them discover why they’re having trouble conceiving. Our specialists will then work with the patient to create a customized treatment plan that will give them the best chance of taking home a healthy baby.

Egg donation could be an excellent option

While other fertility treatment options might be effective for some women, egg donation offers the highest rate of success for women hoping to develop an advanced maternal age pregnancy. Our Tennessee IVF center offers a high-quality donor program that provides hopeful parents with the best possible chance of developing a healthy pregnancy. Our donor program supports advanced maternal age pregnancy in many ways.

  • High-quality donor eggs. All donors in our database have been carefully screened to ensure that only the best candidates become donors. All candidates go through comprehensive medical, legal and psychological counseling. In addition, candidates for egg donation will be tested for genetic, psychological and physical health abnormalities and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). Another way we support advanced maternal age pregnancy is by ensuring that only healthy embryos are transferred. PGT allows for a selection process to occur, and consists of a very safe trophectoderm embryo biopsy to determine which embryos are euploid, or chromosomally normal.

We understand how challenging it can be to become pregnant at a later age, and are here to offer customized and compassionate care to every hopeful parent on their journey to take home a baby.

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