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Donate Your Embryos

Learn more about the choice to donate your embryos to those hoping to build a family

Our Tennessee infertility clinic can help you determine if you’d like to donate your embryos to other patients at our clinic. After completing their families, many individuals and couples have frozen embryos they don’t plan to use themselves. Choices include continuing to pay for frozen embryo storage, allowing the embryos to thaw and lose viability, or donating the embryos to medical research or another patient at our clinic.

The decision to donate your embryos can provide various benefits

Those who elect embryo donation often feel good about this decision, as it allows them to help others fulfill the dream of parenthood. Many patients who build their healthy families through the support of our clinic have an in-depth understanding of the emotional and financial factors involved in facing infertility, and appreciate the opportunity to make this journey a bit easier for others.

In addition to altruistic motivation, there are other factors that encourage many patients to donate embryos.

Storage cost savings. Embryo donation can save patients the often-high annual fees of frozen embryo storage, as the storage responsibilities pass to our clinic.

Relief about not having to decide whether to thaw embryos. Those not wanting to continue paying for embryo storage sometimes struggle with the idea of their embryos thawing and losing viability. The choice to donate can eliminate this struggle.

Set criteria for recipients. Patients who decide to donate their embryos can specify as much or as little as they would like about the kind of person or couple their embryos may go to.

Donating to medical research. If patients feel uncomfortable with the idea of others building a family with their embryos, donating the embryos to medical research can be a good alternative.

The doctors at our Tennessee infertility clinic can help you determine if the choice to donate your embryos is right for your unique needs and preferences.

Considerations for those wanting to build their family through embryo donation

There are various reasons some patients decide to use donor embryos. Our clinic supports patients in assessing this decision and understanding the many ways embryo donation can simplify their fertility journey.

Experience pregnancy. A common reason some women bypass adoption in favor of a donor embryo is that they want the experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

Enjoy lower costs. Often, the cost of using donor embryos is much lower than the cost of adoption, egg donation and fertility treatments such as IVF.

Receive peace of mind through embryo disease screening. Our clinic ensures that all embryos in our database undergo comprehensive testing for diseases such as hepatitis, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, some embryos have undergone PGT, or preimplantation genetic testing, and are known to be free of certain chromosomal or other conditions. Those considering donor embryos can also review the donors’ health history.

Save significant time. Patients wanting to expedite the process of having a baby appreciate the immediate availability of donor embryos.

Before moving forward with the transfer of a donor embryo, a woman receives an ultrasound that provides information about the health of her uterus. The presence of certain uterine issues could decrease the chance of the healthy development of a donor embryo pregnancy.

The donor embryo coordinator at our Tennessee infertility clinic can discuss these considerations with interested patients.

If you are considering donating your embryos, or using embryo donation to build your family, please schedule a consult at our clinic.

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