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Donate Your Embryos

The gift of embryo donation is precious to others struggling with infertility. Find out how to donate your embryos at our Tennessee fertility centers

Some patients who have used IVF to build their families have leftover embryos remaining frozen in storage. If they do not want more children, they will need to make a choice about the future of those embryos. Currently, disposition options include donating unused frozen embryos to another patient, donating embryos to medical research, allowing embryos to thaw and lose viability or keeping embryos frozen.

Some of our patients opt to donate their embryos either to someone of their choosing, or anonymously to a recipient in our donor embryo program. Patients who donate their embryos may specify as much or as little as they would like about the kind of person or couple their embryos may go to. Recipients usually are those who are infertile and require IVF or donor eggs or donor sperm to achieve pregnancy.

The gift of donation is precious allowing needy patients to have a wonderful chance of becoming parents.  If you are considering donating your embryos to other infertile people or couples, please view these online resources.

Resolve: Questions To Ask

Online Guide for Potential Embryo Donors (Resolve)

Donate Embryos – Important considerations.

If you would like to donate your embryos please call Betsy Wilson at 615-277-9206.  You are also welcome to speak with Jennifer Griffin, RN, our Donor Embryo Coordinator, or schedule a consult with your NFC physician.

If you are considering donated embryos in order to build your family, please schedule a consult with your NFC physician.

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