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FAQs for Egg Donors

Who receives donated eggs?

Recipients may choose egg donation for variety of reasons. Some have tried to become pregnant for years without success, mainly because they do not produce eggs of their own. Previous chemotherapy, ovarian surgery, premature menopause and absence of ovaries from birth are some of the common reasons why ovaries are absent or function poorly. Also, some women carry a genetic disorder and do not want to transmit it to their child.

How are egg donors screened?

If we feel that you may be eligible to be an egg donor, you will be instructed to download, complete, and email or mail in several consent forms, instruction forms and a detailed profile of your medical and family history. Our coordinator will contact you to schedule further screening. This would include a physical examination and tests to ensure your general health and the absence of infectious disease. Potential donors also undergo psychological screening with a psychologist. Unless you are disqualified during the screening process, you will be eligible to be matched with a recipient or cycle at your convenience if you may donate to our egg bank.

How quickly may I donate?

If you are approved to donate eggs to be frozen, you may cycle at your convenience.  If a fresh donation is necessary, the time to cycle varies.  It could be a few weeks to several months. Our donor coordinator will do her best to schedule your cycle when it is convenient for you.


The donor egg program at NFC is anonymous.  That means that egg donors will not receive information about any recipient, and recipients will not be informed by NFC of the identity of the donor.

Egg donors will experience some discomfort, inconvenience and medical risk during the donation cycle. Donors receive hormone shots, frequent vaginal ultrasounds, blood tests and finally a surgical procedure to remove the eggs. Egg donors are compensated financially for their time, discomfort and risk. Although rare, it is possible that a donor may respond poorly to medications. This could result in a cancellation of the cycle before aspiration of the eggs. If this occurs through no fault of your own, your compensation will be prorated as determined by Nashville Fertility Center.

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