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Select a Gestational Carrier

Understanding how to select a gestational carrier is an important aspect of the path to parenthood

Our fertility center in Tennessee helps patients learn more about how to select a gestational carrier. The gestational carrier, or surrogate, plays an integral role in the hopeful parents’ lives. Because of this, it’s crucial for patients choosing a surrogate to put ample thought into who they would like to carry the pregnancy, and select a woman who meets their requirements and the requirements of their doctor. To help ensure our patients gain access to high-quality surrogate candidates, we connect them with reputable surrogacy agencies.

How to select a gestational carrier who meets your requirements

Because a surrogate will be part of the patients’ lives for at least nine months, we encourage hopeful parents to put ample thought into the process of choosing a surrogate. It’s our hope that patients select a gestational carrier they feel is trustworthy and able to support them in fulfilling the dream of parenthood.

There are various things to consider when choosing a surrogate.

Outlining ideal surrogate qualities. A helpful first step is listing the qualities that an ideal surrogate would have. While the patients may not find a surrogate who meets all their criteria, this list can at least help the patients narrow down surrogate candidates.

Review surrogate profiles. Surrogate agencies can provide access to surrogate profiles that include information about why each candidate is interested in surrogacy, her health and educational background, and additional information that can help patients make an informed decision.

Remember that the process can take time. As the commitment of surrogacy spans a long period of time, there can be long waits for many surrogate candidates. While we understand the desire to choose a surrogate as quickly as possible, it’s often beneficial for patients to consider waiting for a surrogate they feel is the right fit.

The team at our fertility center in Tennessee, in addition to the staff at surrogacy agencies, are by the patients’ side during this process, guiding them in finding a high-quality surrogate.

Choosing the right surrogate includes important evaluations and requirements

After the preliminary selection of a surrogate, the surrogate candidate must undergo various evaluations to ensure she is in good mental and physical health. After these evaluations, the surrogate will complete additional requirements before the match is official.

Health screening. One of the doctors at our fertility center in Tennessee assesses the surrogate candidate’s uterus, in addition to other aspects of her health, to confirm she has a good chance of being able to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Psychological evaluation. The surrogate will meet with a mental health specialist, who reviews the mental and emotional aspects of surrogacy and assesses the surrogate’s mental state.

Contract review and signing. After clearance from the fertility doctor and mental health specialist, the surrogate works with an attorney to review the contract between herself and the intended parents. After review and signing of the contract, the match is official.

Next steps in this exciting process include the patients and their surrogate meeting with a coordinator at our fertility center, who outlines what both parties can expect before and after the embryo transfer.

Our knowledgeable, compassionate staff guides patients through each phase of choosing a surrogate, helping to ensure the process is as simple and successful as possible.

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