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Types of Egg Donors

There are two different types of Egg Donors, Anonymous Donors & Known Donors

Anonymous Recruited Egg Donors

We recruit a certain number of young healthy donors by advertisement and word of mouth. Some have called NFC without seeing any advertising to inquire if we have an egg donation program. The egg donor will not meet the recipient or know whether or not a pregnancy occurred from the recipient’s cycle. We feel strongly that anonymous donors should be compensated financially for their time, discomfort, and risk.

Related or Known Egg Donors

A related donor is usually a sister of the recipient. A non-related, or known donor, is usually a compassionate friend. The screening process is the same as for anonymous donors. However, since the donor and recipient know each other, each involved couple will need to have informational and implications counseling separately and together before proceeding.  Once psychological clearance is obtained, the recipient and donor will need a legal contract regarding the egg donation be drawn up by an attorney knowledgeable in third party reproduction and signed by all involved parties.  NFC can provide referrals for these services.

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