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Types of Egg Donors

What patients should know about the different types of egg donors

It’s important for patients at our Tennessee fertility clinic to understand the different types of egg donors. The two primary types of donors include anonymous donors and known donors. In some cases, the donors we recruit become known donors when they agree to have contact with the intended parents who use their eggs. Patients should think carefully about the type of donor they want so that they can create their ideal egg donation experience.

Understanding the types of egg donors

Known donors are the less common kind of egg donor. This is a woman who the patient knows or a donor we recruit who agrees to be a known donor. If the patient does not already know the known donor, they can often meet and develop a relationship during the egg donation cycle.

Regardless of who the egg donor is, it’s important for both parties to decide how much involvement the donor will have in the child’s life. This conversation helps ensure that everyone is on the same page before starting the egg donation cycle. In addition, both parties will receive counseling to ensure they’re comfortable with the arrangement.

Anonymous donors are the most common of the types of egg donors. This kind of donor does not develop a relationship with the patient. Additionally, we do not share any of the donor’s identifying information with the patient. However, the patient can review the donor’s photos and other important information before selecting them.

  • Personal medical history and current health status
  • Family health history
  • Psychological health
  • Appearance and ethnicity
  • Personality
  • Education
  • Donor history, if applicable

The egg donor specialists at our Tennessee fertility clinic work with patients to help them fully understand the types of egg donors. They then help patients determine what would be the best choice for their unique needs.

Questions to ask when deciding what type of donor to utilize

Deciding what kind of donor to use is a process that involves ample consideration. To support this process, there are various questions the patient can ask themselves to help provide clarity around this important decision.

How much of a relationship do you want your future child to have with the donor, if any? Patients who want their child to have the option of meeting their egg donor should strongly consider a known donor. An anonymous donor will have no obligation to meet the child.

If you’re leaning towards a known donation, what do you want the relationship to look like? We recommend patients consult with an attorney and a third-party reproduction specialist to gather information about the various options available for known donation. Typically, the two options include known and semi-known donation. A known donation allows the patient and egg donor to form a relationship, while a semi-known donation allows for limited communication.

How important is it to you to receive information about a change in the donor’s health? Patients using an anonymous donor will gain access to information about the donor’s past and current health. However, the donor has no obligation to inform the patient if they discover a health condition after the donation. With a known donation, there’s a greater chance the patient will receive this information.

With the support of our Tennessee fertility clinic and a high-quality donor, patients can go on to fulfill their dream of parenthood. Contact us for more information about egg donation.

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