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Long-Term Frozen Egg Storage

Long-term frozen egg storage offers women a safe and reliable option

Our Nashville egg freezing center offers women long-term frozen egg storage that is safe, easy and dependable. All eggs frozen through Nashville Fertility Center are stored with Ovation Fertility, which provides specialized facilities with state-of-the-art freezing equipment and expert staff.

Standards to look for in a long-term frozen egg storage facility

Frozen eggs are an important component of a woman’s reproductive future. That’s why she needs to ask the following questions when considering a long-term egg storage facility.

  • What technology is used to freeze and store eggs? Vitrification, a flash-freezing process that cools eggs to a sub-zero temperature, is the most common method for freezing eggs. After eggs are vitrified, they should be stored in cryopreservation storage tanks that maintain the appropriate temperature and ensure that the biological processes of the cells are suspended.
  • Are the eggs safe in the storage facility? Long-term frozen egg storage facilities provide 24/7 monitoring and security. For example, Ovation Fertility offers 24-hour monitoring of stored materials and backup power to protect against natural disasters.
  • Where are the eggs stored? Women want to know what kind of transit their eggs will go through before reaching the long-term storage facility and how far the eggs will be from their fertility clinic.
  • Who manages the lab? Long-term frozen egg storage labs need to be managed by expert personnel. Ovation Fertility ensures that all of its labs maintain CAP (The College of American Pathologists) certification and are led by a high-complexity lab director certified by the American Board of Bioanalysis.
  • How long can frozen eggs be stored? Today’s research indicates that eggs can be stored indefinitely.

Frozen eggs are quickly returned when a woman is ready to use them

Ovation Fertility works with our Nashville egg freezing center to efficiently and safely return eggs when a woman is ready to use them. Ovation Fertility then houses the frozen eggs in a storage tank until a is woman ready to use them. Then the eggs will be rapidly thawed and fertilized at the clinic.

Women are also curious about the success rate of fertilization of frozen eggs. Today’s research indicates that fertilization rates are similar for frozen and fresh eggs.

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