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Stress and Infertility Treatments

Learn more about managing stress and infertility treatments

Our Tennessee fertility clinic finds stress and infertility treatments can go hand in hand. Many patients have been trying to become pregnant for a long time. As such, their deep desire to build a family makes the stakes of fertility treatments feel very high. In addition to these high stakes, fertility medications can influence a woman’s mood and energy level. However, with the right supportive tools, patients can minimize stress during fertility treatments.

Helpful tips for managing stress levels

While stress and infertility treatments often seem intertwined, it’s possible to reduce this stress. By reaching out for support, acknowledging emotions and partaking in stress-relieving activities, patients can thread calm and hope into the journey to parenthood.

Release emotions. Suppressing feelings like anger or grief can cause them to intensify. As a result, it can be helpful to set aside time during the week to process emotions. At this time, a person can settle into a private, cozy space and work through their emotions.

Meet with a counselor. Our Tennessee fertility clinic can connect patients with counselors who can help them navigate the stress of infertility.

Join a support group. Participating in an infertility support group can also help. These groups can help a person feel less alone and offer supportive coping tools. provides resources for local support groups.

Reach out to loved ones. Asking for emotional and physical support from loved ones can help women and men lower their stress during fertility treatments.

Simplify. Fertility care can be time-consuming, so patients can reduce stress by limiting their social and work obligations during treatment.

These stress-relieving strategies often result in a separation of stress and infertility treatments. This allows the patient to have a more relaxed experience.

How our clinic can help with stress and fertility treatments

When patients visit our clinic, we work hard to provide a calming and supportive environment for them.

Providing leading-edge care. Our patients can rest assured they’re receiving high-quality care from highly trained specialists.

Educating patients on treatments. Our clinic finds patients experience stress relief as they learn more about fertility treatments. This knowledge helps them develop a better idea of what to expect and create realistic expectations.

Helping patients understand the chance of success. It’s helpful for patients to know they have about a 40% chance of conceiving each IVF cycle. It can also minimize stress to know, even if pregnancy does not occur, a cycle contributes valuable information, which can assist in planning subsequent treatment.

Our Tennessee fertility clinic is by the patient’s side for each step of their fertility care. They help to minimize stress and ensure the patient has the best chance of taking home a healthy baby. Contact us for more information about stress and infertility treatments.

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