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Inositols for PCOS

Discover the potential benefits of inositols for PCOS

Patients at our Tennessee fertility clinic sometimes ask about inositols for PCOS and if they should take myo-inositol supplements. Inositol is a type of sugar molecule the body and certain foods produce. Ongoing research is uncovering potential benefits of inositols for polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a metabolic disorder that results in an imbalance of reproductive hormones. This condition affects millions of women, can result in a range of uncomfortable symptoms and is one of the leading causes of infertility.

Inositols for PCOS could promote ovulation and pregnancy

Many studies indicate that inositol could support ovulation and pregnancy in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Inositol might benefit women with this condition because it can improve insulin sensitivity, help balance blood glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance.

Research has shown that women with PCOS often have high levels of insulin, as they have reduced sensitivity to some functions of insulin. This means many PCOS patients can make insulin but not effectively use it. These high insulin levels can then cause the ovaries to produce excess testosterone, which can cause an imbalance in LH and FSH levels. This hormone imbalance can result in high levels of androgens and can negatively affect ovulation.

In one study, women had lower levels of testosterone and a more ideal balance of LH and FSH after taking inositol supplements for 12 weeks. In addition, these women had greater sensitivity to insulin and more regular menstrual cycles.

While inositol is in foods like fruits, nuts, whole grains and vegetables, women with PCOS have trouble converting inositol into a bioavailable form. Because of this, it’s ideal to utilize myo-inositol, which is a bioavailable form of inositol and one of the main types found in supplements.

The specialists at our Tennessee fertility clinic can help women develop a more comprehensive understanding of how inositol might impact polycystic ovary syndrome.

Inositol could also help women without polycystic ovary syndrome become pregnant

In addition to women with PCOS, myo-inositol supplements might also benefit women without this condition. One study found that inositol improves the quality of embryos and clinical pregnancy rates in women without PCOS utilizing IVF. Ongoing research will hopefully continue to uncover the positive effects of inositol on ovulation and pregnancy.

While myo-inositol supplements could potentially have positive effects on a woman’s fertility and symptoms, we strongly advise women consult with a fertility specialist at our Tennessee fertility clinic before taking myo-inositol supplements. It’s important that women take the correct form and dosage of this supplement if they want to receive the benefits and build a healthy family. Contact us for more information about inositols for PCOS.

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