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Pregnancy After Vasectomy Reversal

A healthy pregnancy after vasectomy reversal is possible

Specialists at our Tennessee male fertility center understand that many couples wonder if pregnancy after vasectomy reversal is possible. In our experience, vasectomy reversals are highly successful and often result in patients taking home a healthy baby.

What impacts the success rates of pregnancy after vasectomy reversal?

Numerous factors determine how successful a couple will be in achieving a healthy pregnancy after vasectomy reversal.

  • Considering the time between your vasectomy and vasectomy reversal is important. The pregnancy success rate slightly declines as more time elapses.
  • Utilizing the services of an experienced urologist, who has extensive experience performing vasectomy reversals and has microsurgical training can help ensure that your vasectomy reversal results in a restoration of your ability to ejaculate healthy sperm.
  • Requesting that your urologist retrieve and cryopreserve sperm during your vasectomy reversal can prevent the need for sperm to later be aspirated if the vasectomy reversal is unsuccessful.
  • Abstaining from sexual activity and vigorous activity following the vasectomy reversal, for as long as your urologist recommends, can help to ensure that you fully heal.
  • Ensuring you’re practicing a healthy lifestyle, by not smoking cigarettes or marijuana, limiting alcohol consumption, eating healthy, avoiding the use of testosterone and anabolic steroids, and engaging in regular exercise, can improve your sperm quality and increase the chances of pregnancy after vasectomy reversal.

Our Tennessee male fertility center can offer guidance on the journey to conceive after vasectomy reversal.

Options if conception does not occur after vasectomy reversal

In rare cases, a vasectomy reversal is not successful and hopeful parents need to explore other options.

  • Re-do vasectomy reversal. If the initial vasectomy reversal does not result in sperm being found in the ejaculate 12 months after the reversal, the procedure can be redone.
  • IVF with microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration, or MESA. MESA is a surgical technique to extract semen directly from the epididymis where mature sperm is stored.
  • IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI. This treatment consists of a single live sperm being injected into the center of a mature egg. It can help hopeful parents achieve pregnancy after vasectomy reversal if the urologist retrieved and cryopreserved sperm during the reversal procedure.
  • Donor sperm. If a man’s sperm is not viable, donor sperm can be used to fertilize the egg during IVF.

The state of the female partner’s fertility is also an important consideration and may require the support of certain fertility treatments.

Specialists at our Tennessee male fertility center are here to help as you explore pregnancy after vasectomy reversal.

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