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Infertility Awareness

Infertility awareness sheds light on a common struggle to conceive

Infertility is a common problem affecting 1 in 8 couples. Yet often couples do not want to speak about their infertility; they may feel it’s private or embarrassed at not having yet conceived.

At Nashville Fertility Center we want to raise infertility awareness to bring these issues to light.

Participating in infertility awareness when it’s someone you know

At Nashville Fertility Center we don’t consider our patients a statistic or minimize their pain. If you or someone close to you is trying to conceive without immediate success, it can feel very personal.

How can you help support a friend or loved one experiencing infertility?

Talk to them. Ask your friend about their infertility and if they’re willing to open up and discuss it. If they’re hesitant, let them know you’re ready to listen when they are ready to talk.

Learn about infertility. Educating yourself about infertility basics can save your loved one from explaining the details.

Do something thoughtful. Book your friend a relaxing massage, take her for a pedicure, give her a yoga gift certificate or take her out to a restaurant she’s been wanting to try.

Be present. Tell your friend you’re there. Listen to her if she wants to vent. Go to an appointment with her if she wants company.

RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, has created a helpful list of what to say and what not to say to friends experiencing infertility.

Tell your infertility story

At Nashville Fertility Center we encourage you to talk about your feelings during the IVF process. If you’re struggling with infertility, it may feel good to open up and discuss what you’re going through. Infertility awareness only happens when people are open and honest about their fertility journeys.

There are support groups for infertility where you can connect with others in a safe place. Sometimes just knowing you aren’t struggling alone can greatly reduce your emotional burden.

You may also want to write your feelings in a journal to help process your emotions. If you feel strongly about spreading infertility awareness, you may want to share your story online, on social media or through a blog. Sharing our stories helps us connect and grow.

Our Nashville fertility specialists want to help you discover the cause of your infertility and focus on how we can help you achieve a successful pregnancy. Contact us for more information.

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