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Cost of IVF

Learn more about the cost of IVF at our fertility clinic

Our Tennessee fertility clinic strives to keep the cost of IVF affordable. While some patients have insurance for IVF, we also support patients who do not have insurance coverage for this treatment. One way we do this is with our IVF Flat Rate Fee Schedule. Another way involves helping patients understand the process of financing IVF.

What we include in the cost of IVF

The cost of an IVF cycle at our clinic ranges from $12,529 to $14,345. This is an estimate that is subject to change, and this cost includes a variety of services.

Cycle monitoring. This monitoring includes bloodwork, which we utilize to assess the patient’s hormone levels. Our doctors also use ultrasounds when monitoring patients.

Laboratory services. These services include work that the embryologist performs in relation to the egg retrieval, sperm preparation and insemination. It also includes the services related to the embryo culture, assisted hatching, embryo transfer, and embryo freezing. Not all patients will require all these services.

Physician and embryology professional fee. This fee covers the cost of the expert support that our patients receive from the fertility specialists and embryologists at our clinic.

Surgery center and anesthesia fees. The cost of IVF includes use of the surgery center for IVF procedures and the anesthesia that the patient may require.

These services often cover the bulk of a patient’s fertility care. The doctors at our Tennessee fertility clinic will use comprehensive evaluations to determine which services might fit a patient’s unique needs.

Services not covered in the standard cost of an IVF cycle

In some situations, a patient needs more intensive fertility support. We do not include these services, in addition to certain visits, general tests and medications, in our standard cost of IVF. Patients financing IVF can sometimes receive coverage for some of these services.

Our Tennessee fertility clinic recommends all patients check with their insurance provider to see if their policy covers any of the above services. The organization Fertility Within Reach also has resources to assist patients in talking to their provider and navigating the process of financing IVF. Contact us to learn more about financing IVF.

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