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Embryo Culture Media

Embryo culture media contributes to the success of IVF

For couples and individuals trying to have a baby without success, IVF, or in-vitro fertilization, offers one of the best options for a healthy pregnancy. If you decide to pursue this fertility treatment, our Nashville fertility clinic experts will explain each step involved in IVF. One important component is embryo culture media.

What is embryo culture media?

This term refers to environmental conditions, equipment and specific nutrients that we use to support embryo growth. For the best results, we need to minimize disruptions to the developing embryos. Embryo culture media help ensure that we can maintain optimum conditions related to light, temperature, humidity and the concentration of gases during incubation.

When in vitro fertilization first began, embryologists and laboratory teams used various media, without any assessment of the essential ingredients needed to facilitate the growth process. Additionally, no data existed to indicate components that could harm the developing embryos. Modern reproductive research has provided a better understanding of what is necessary to support healthy embryo development, and most IVF labs now use an entire culture system.

Understanding the types of media used in IVF

Our Nashville fertility clinic’s partner IVF lab employs media designed to mimic what happens in the female body during conception and development. With this setup, the embryologists hope to give the embryos the same advantages they would have during the natural process. Composed of a basic salt solution and additional necessary components, embryo culture media provide the main source of nutrients, energy and pH balance for the embryos as they grow.

Labs typically employ two types of media. Either one includes a layer of culture oil and is chemically buffered to provide a stable pH for the embryos.

  • Single-step media. This media can provide all necessary support and be used throughout embryo development, without the need to move the embryos.
  • Sequential (or two step) media. This system involves the use of two or more media during the embryo growth process, to simulate what would occur in the female reproductive system.

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