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Ovation Fertility™ Genetics at NFC offers comprehensive genetic screening and testing of embryos.

Aneuploidy refers to an incorrect number of chromosomes, which is quite common even in healthy-looking embryos.  Aneuploid embryos may look just like normal embryos, and if transferred, will result in an abnormal birth, miscarriage or failed IVF cycle.  We offer aneuploidy testing on embryos using FISH and CCS technology.

FISH (Fluorescent in situ hybridization)

We offer various PGD FISH panels for 2-9 chromosomes (13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, X and Y). This testing is 90-95% accurate, but does NOT test for all possible chromosomal abnormalities. We recommend that all pregnancies conceived through IVF with PGD undergo prenatal diagnosis for verification of our results as well as for the other information it provides. We test for the following chromosomes (13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, X and Y) because these chromosomes are more commonly involved with abnormalities associated with advanced maternal age, miscarriage and failed IVF cycles. For couples who are at risk for X-Linked conditions we recommend a minimum of five chromosomes (13, 18, 21, X and Y).

Please understand that we attempt to obtain information on all chromosomes requested; however obtaining information on all chromosomes in the 9 panel is subject to chromatin quality. In addition, we may not get information on all chromosomes if the initial chromosomes analyzed (13, 16, 18, 21, 22, as these are the most common) have to be reinvestigated to increase the accuracy of the diagnosis.

CCS (Comprehensive Chromosome Screening)

CCS may be the recommended testing method for many couples, especially those with advanced maternal age, multiple miscarriages or a history of failed IVF cycles.  CCS provides the maximum amount of chromosomal information with many advantages when compared with FISH.

  • Ability to screen all 24 chromosomes
  • Less misdiagnosis with new methods
  • Current data indicate better implantation and live birth rates with CCS.

Comprehensive Chromosome Screening Packet

Translocation/Inversion or Single Gene PGD

If you know you need PGD for a Translocation or Inversion, please indicate the chromosomes of interest and provide RG@NFC with a copy of the translocation report describing the exact chromosomal breakpoints involved.

If you know you need single gene PGD – you each carry a copy of a specific genetic mutation that could lead to a baby with a disease, NFC will need a copy of the blood test results for each partner.

First Steps

The first step for any couple considering PGD is to schedule a consult with their NFC Physician, and you’ll be directed to schedule the most appropriate PGD consult or class with Amy Jones.



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