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A Rainbow Baby After Three Losses

The journey to have a rainbow baby after three losses

The journey to have a rainbow baby after three lossesOur Tennessee fertility clinic has helped many hopeful parents have a rainbow baby after multiple losses. Hailey and Cole are one of these couples. They had three losses before finally becoming pregnant with their daughter.

Hailey’s fertility journey with our clinic started when she was a surrogate. After she gave birth to a healthy baby boy for the hopeful parents, she and Cole began trying for their own child. However, Hailey sensed something was off from the start.

The journey to have a rainbow baby after three losses“My periods were all over the place. They would often last for two weeks. It was horrible,” Hailey says. Her OB/GYN said the issue was likely caused by having recently given birth, but she didn’t agree. “I was tracking my basal body temperature and it was wonky. It seemed like I was having periods but never actually ovulating,” Hailey remembers.

She then went back to her doctor who gave her a medication to regulate her periods. Two weeks later she ovulated and conceived. “I was so excited to be pregnant with a rainbow baby,” Hailey says, “but I miscarried at six weeks.”

Hailey didn’t ovulate for another three months and was eventually tested for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This testing revealed high testosterone levels. “At that point I didn’t want to take any medications. I just wanted to try diet and exercise and see if I could get pregnant on my own.” She ovulated a few months later and conceived for the second time.

The journey to have a rainbow baby after three lossesSadly, this was a chemical pregnancy that ended at five weeks. Hailey then got pregnant for a third time but miscarried. “And then my brother passed away,” Hailey says. “I was so sad that I became determined to do whatever I needed to do to have my rainbow baby.” That’s when she came back to our clinic.

Seeking fresh support

Soon after seeking treatment at our Tennessee fertility clinic, Dr. Weitzman started Hailey on Femara. When it proved ineffective, she was switched to Clomid and did three rounds, with the last being followed by intrauterine insemination (IUI).

The journey to have a rainbow baby after three lossesAfter the IUI, Hailey started taking home pregnancy tests. “Each day the second line on the test got a little darker, but when I received a blood test at the clinic it was negative. The next night I had a dream I had a positive pregnancy test. I woke up and took yet another home pregnancy test. It was positive. I went back to the clinic for another blood test, and sure enough, I was pregnant.”

Hailey had an easy pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby girl in August 2019.

Don’t give up on having a rainbow baby

The journey to have a rainbow baby after three lossesThroughout the journey of conceiving her rainbow baby, Hailey says the nurses and Dr. Weitzman helped her stay positive and not give up. “That would be my advice for other hopeful parents: don’t give up. It might be stressful and really sad at times but keep doing the treatments – it’s worth it.”

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