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Nashville Fertility Donor Program

20 Years of Experience with Donor Eggs & Sperm

Nashville Fertility Center™, 20 years of experience with donor eggs & sperm

Some people need the help of an egg or sperm donor to become parents, or may not be able to carry a pregnancy. At Nashville Fertility Center we offer third-party reproduction options to help these couples achieve their dreams of having a family. Couples seeking Third Party Reproduction often travel to Nashville from other cities such as Chattanooga, Memphis and as far away as Atlanta to take advantage of our well established and nationally recognized Donor Program. Nashville Fertility Center has a 20 year history of successful donor egg, donor sperm and gestational surrogacy cycles.  NFC does screen egg donors and gestational carriers, but we do not screen or manage sperm donors at our facility.  

Donor Egg, Donor Sperm, Embryo Donation & Gestational Surrogacy Options at Nashville Fertility

• Donor egg cycles with in vitro fertilization (donor egg IVF)
• Donor sperm Intrauterine Insemination (donor sperm IUI)
• Donor Sperm IVF , In vitro fertilization with Donor Sperm
• Donor embryos cycles, embryo donation IVF
• Gestational surrogacy, Traditional Surrogacy is not recognized in Tennessee
• Donor Sperm IUI for single women & lesbian couples

Nashville Fertility Center Provides Emotional Support for those using Donor Eggs & Donor Sperm

All of our patients considering donor egg, donor sperm or gestational  surrogacy options will be provided the opportunity to talk with a counselor about the psychological, emotional and ethical considerations that come with using a third party. The counselor will help patients sort through issues and questions surrounding donor selection, how to handle disclosure, confidentiality, and sharing this information with the child, family, and friends.
The counselor will also address the common questions intended parents have about egg, sperm and embryo donation:

• How do we feel about telling our parents, friends and relatives that we are using donated eggs or sperm?
• How do we feel about telling our child, and how do we talk about it?
• Will my spouse have a problem with our child not being genetically related to him or her?
• How much will we discuss her genetic background with our child?
• What resources are available for families like us?

This informational counseling is the first step to pursuing third party reproduction and your doctor at NFC can provide you with the name of a recommended counselor.

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