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Donor Sperm Options

Discover donor sperm options that can help build families

Many patients at our Tennessee fertility clinic utilize donor sperm options on their path to parenthood. Donor sperm can be a good option for men with genetic or reproductive issues, as well as for single women or lesbian couples creating their families through intrauterine insemination (IUI), or IVF. If fertility testing reveals that a patient is a good candidate for donor sperm, we provide support to help select the ideal sperm donor.

Learn who is a good candidate for donor sperm options

When a man is having fertility challenges, evaluations such as blood tests and semen analysis can determine the potential cause of his issues. If this testing reveals certain circumstances, or the man has undergone particular procedures, he could be a candidate for using donor sperm to become a father.

Vasectomy. A man who has had a vasectomy, and does not want reversal, will likely need to use a sperm donor.

Sperm issues. Men with low sperm count, anti-sperm antibodies or other sperm-related challenges might be candidates for donor sperm.

Genetic conditions. If a man is a carrier for certain genetic conditions, our fertility specialists might recommend that he not use his own sperm to start a family.

Ejaculation. When a man has an ejaculation complication that a doctor cannot correct through surgery, a sperm donor could be the best option.

Rh incompatibility. If a man’s female partner is Rh-negative and severely sensitized to Rh-positive blood, the doctor will likely recommend that the couple uses donor sperm if the man is Rh-positive.

Unsuccessful fertilization. When embryos do not develop after an individual or couple’s IVF cycle, donor sperm may be an option to achieve pregnancy.

After patients at our Tennessee fertility clinic decide to move forward with donor sperm, we help them explore donor sperm options.

We help patients navigate the process of finding their ideal sperm donor

The first step in using a sperm donor is connecting with a reputable sperm bank.  After registering with the sperm bank, the patient can review the profiles of various sperm donors and determine if any could be a good fit.

  • Donor profile review. A donor’s profile typically includes photos from their past and present, as well as information about the donor’s personal and family health history, education, occupation, hobbies and personality.
  • Comprehensive donor screening. To ensure a donor is healthy, he undergoes genetic testing and a full physical exam, which includes blood work and a urine test. A genetic counselor will also assess the donor’s personal and family medical history to determine potential risk factors.
  • Sperm test. A specialist assesses the quantity and quality of the donor’s sperm to help ensure it can provide the best possible chance of a healthy pregnancy.

After the selection of a donor, our Tennessee fertility clinic supports patients in procuring the donor sperm and moving forward with IUI or IVF.

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