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Euploid Embryo Guarantee

The euploid embryo guarantee gives hopeful parents the best chance of taking home a healthy baby

Our Nashville egg donor program is changing the face of egg donation by offering hopeful parents a euploid embryo guarantee. This guarantee ensures that only chromosomally normal embryos will be transferred after the egg donation cycle, creating a higher possibility of success with just one IVF cycle.

How the euploid embryo guarantee works

Women who need to use donor eggs because of premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, the presence of an inheritable genetic condition or a history of miscarriage or IVF failures want to know that their embryos will be healthy. Our Nashville egg donor program and euploid embryo guarantee offers that assurance.

Many factors allow us to ensure that only chromosomally normal embryos will be transferred.

  • High-quality donor eggs. Our egg donor database is comprised of the highest quality donors who have been carefully vetted. All donors undergo comprehensive legal, medical and psychological counseling, in addition to screening for genetic, psychological and physical health abnormalities, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Leading-edge preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). Our euploid embryo guarantee is made possible by the state-of-the art services at our partner lab, Ovation Fertility. After donor eggs have been retrieved and fertilized, the resulting embryos are tested for chromosomal abnormalities using Ovation Fertility’s advanced technology.

A trophectoderm embryo biopsy is used for the preimplantation genetic screening of embryos. This type of biopsy does not disturb the inner cell mass of the embryo, or the cells that make the baby, and has no effect on its future development.

  • Collaborative Medicine. The most experienced scientists will perform the genetic screening done at Ovation Fertility. These experts have come together with 60 of the greatest minds in reproductive medicine to resolve infertility-related challenges and make the euploid embryo guarantee possible.

If the first egg donor cycle does not result in a euploid embryo, and the sperm provided is normal, our Nashville egg donor program will allow you to select a new donor free of charge until you receive a euploid embryo.

Hopeful parents enjoy less stress and uncertainty

As a result of our euploid embryo guarantee, hopeful parents experience enhanced peace of mind, as they know that all embryos that are transferred are chromosomally normal (euploid) and give them the best chance for developing a healthy pregnancy. This assurance can help make the journey to parenthood easier and more enjoyable.

Contact our Nashville egg donor program for information about our euploid embryo guarantee.

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