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Donor Sperm Screening

Donor Sperm Screening Procedures*

Preliminary Evaluation: All semen donors complete a medical and genetic history of themselves and family members.

Infectious Agent Evaluation: Each donor’s semen specimen is tested for the following infectious diseases

  • chlamydia
  • mycoplasma
  • gonococcus
  • cytomegalo virus
  • adenovirus
  • trichomonas
  • candida
  • actinomyces

Each donor is serologically tested for Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis C antibody syphilis, alanine aminotransferase, HTLV-I&II and HIV 1&2.

Medical and Genetic Evaluation: Each donor has a complete physical examination by a physician. The medical and genetic history is evaluated by staff physician including a clinical geneticist. Jewish, Mediterranean and Black applicants are tested for tay-sachs, thalassemia and sickle cell anemia respectively. All applicants are tested for cystic fibrosis and may be screened for other recessive genetic diseases. In addition, all donors have a full karyotypic (chromosome) analysis.

Semen Analysis: Each semen specimen submitted for analysis is measured for volume, pH, count, motility, progression, viability, abnormality, and white blood cells. The specimens are frozen and a small portion is subsequently thawed for post-thaw analysis.

Post-Acceptance Testing: Each cryobank has its own standards for post-thaw analysis. Each semen specimen is evaluated, individually, both pre-freeze and post-thaw. Any specimen not meeting the minimum standard requirements is discarded. Any semen specimen that does not meet the minimum post-thaw criteria of individual cryobank is discarded.
All specimens are quarantined six months for donor retest before release. Donors are re-tested for HIV-1&2, and HTLV-I&II at 6-month intervals.

*Keep in mind that each sperm bank completes donor screening and you should verify exactly what testing has been completed on your selected donor. The list above is representative of this screening but is not a guarantee that your donor has had a specific test.

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