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Second Opinion After IVF Failure

Learn more about seeking a second opinion after IVF failure

The doctors at our Tennessee fertility center recommend women and men seek a second opinion after IVF failure in certain situations. This second opinion can help the patient understand whether there are infertility causes that their previous doctor did not diagnose. In addition to helping patients get the right infertility diagnosis, a second opinion can help them discover additional fertility treatments and services.

When to get a second opinion after IVF failure

There are several circumstances that could make getting a second opinion after IVF failure a beneficial choice. In some cases, these circumstances indicate the patient is not with the fertility clinic that is the ideal fit for their unique needs.

Multiple, failed in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles. If a patient has had numerous failed IVF cycles with the same clinic, it might be time to get a second opinion. As each clinic can vary in its specific protocol, receiving treatment at a new clinic could lead to a healthy pregnancy.

Interest in a treatment your current clinic doesn’t offer. A patient might want a second opinion if their current clinic doesn’t offer a medication or treatment that they’re interested in.

A desire for a more advanced lab. If a patient suspects their current clinic works with a lab that uses outdated methods, it can be wise to research other fertility clinics and their laboratories.

Lack of rapport with the doctor. Not feeling comfortable with a doctor can be a sign that a patient should get a second opinion.

The team at our Tennessee fertility center often supports women and men seeking a second opinion after IVF failure. This second opinion helps the patient feel confident that they have the right infertility diagnosis and are doing everything possible to fulfill their dream of parenthood.

How our clinic helps patients take the next step towards parenthood

When patients seek a second opinion from the doctors at our Tennessee fertility center, the first step typically involves the doctor reviewing the patient’s medical history. From there, the doctor will likely recommend various tests that can help confirm whether the patient has the right infertility diagnosis. Then, the doctor will talk to the patient about the treatments they think would be most beneficial for their needs.

Our clinic provides patients with an exceptional level of care, as we have highly qualified doctors and embryologists. We also utilize leading-edge fertility evaluations and treatments and have an exemplary lab. Contact us for more information about our fertility services.

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