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Our Fertility Specialists

All four physicians in our Tennessee fertility center are board-certified fertility specialists.

Our fertility specialists are board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility or REI.  REI is a sub-specialty of obstetrics and gynecology and physicians are trained in reproductive medicine and have expertise in the medical fields of reproduction and infertility, focusing on the hormones involved.

Many REI specialists focus mainly on infertility, but the physicians at NFC also have extensive experience evaluating and treating hormonal dysfunctions in females and males outside of infertility. So whether your concern is your fertility or your own health, we are here to help.


Tennessee Fertility Specialist, George Hill, MD

Tennessee Fertility Specialist, Christine Whitworth, M.D.

Dr. Glenn Weitzman

Tennessee Fertility Specialist, Glenn Weitzman, MD

Tennessee Fertility Specialist, Abby Eblen, MD

Dr. Kristin Van Heertum

Tennessee Fertility Specialist, Kristin Van Heertum, MD


Emily Beard spent the majority of her 30s just trying to sustain a full-term pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

After four miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy – but not ready to give up – she says she just needed someone “to stand by me, fight along with me and cheer me on.” That someone was Nashville fertility specialist Abby C. Eblen, M.D., of Nashville Fertility Center.

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