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Donor Eggs for Gay Men

Learn how donor eggs for gay men can help patients start a family

Same-sex male couples who visit our Tennessee fertility center use IVF and donor eggs for gay men to help fulfill the dream of fatherhood. Our clinic supports men in finding their ideal egg donor. Then, our team guides them through each step of the egg donation cycle. We can also help gay men find a high-quality gestational surrogate who carries the pregnancy.

Our clinic connects men with high-quality donors

To ensure patients have the best chance of building a family, we connect them with donors who undergo comprehensive screening. These donors can provide healthy eggs that result in healthy embryos and babies.

Thorough donor testing. All donors we recommend to patients undergo medical, genetic and psychological testing. This testing helps ensure the donor can fulfill the commitment of egg donation and provide high-quality eggs.

Finding the right donor. Gay men can search a donor database to find their ideal egg donor. The database includes donor profiles that allow patients to view the donors’ photos. The profiles also contain information about each donor’s education, ethnicity, interests, personality, health and physical appearance.

Beginning the egg donation cycle. After egg donor selection, we work with patients to create a schedule for the donor cycle.

With the support of our Tennessee fertility center, donor selection can be an easy, enjoyable experience.

Discover the process of using donor eggs for gay men

An important aspect of the donor eggs for gay men process is the collection of the semen sample. After one or both of the men provide semen, an embryologist can test the number, shape and movement of sperm. After confirming the health of the sperm, the egg donation cycle can begin.

Ovulation induction medications. The egg donor self-administers ovulation induction medications to cause multiple eggs to mature. They also take a medication to prevent premature ovulation.

Frequent monitoring. The donor regularly comes to our clinic during the cycle to receive monitoring. This monitoring includes bloodwork and ultrasounds.

Egg retrieval. When the doctor determines the eggs are an ideal size, they instruct the donor to take a trigger shot. This shot signals the body to release the eggs 35 to 36 hours later. The doctor then retrieves the eggs during a short procedure.

Fertilization. Following the egg retrieval, an embryologist fertilizes the donor eggs with sperm from one of the patients. Ideally, numerous embryos result from the fertilization.

Embryo transfer. This process ends with the doctor transferring an embryo into the uterus of the gestational surrogate.

Donor eggs for gay men at our Tennessee fertility center are an effective treatment for many patients. With the expert support of our staff, men can know the joy of taking home a healthy baby. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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