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IVF Monitoring

IVF monitoring is an important part of conceiving using in vitro fertilization

IVF monitoring is a crucial component of in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles at our Tennessee fertility center. This monitoring helps our fertility specialists evaluate how a woman’s body is responding to her fertility medications. It also lets our team know when she’s ready for her egg retrieval. In many cycles, a woman comes to our clinic for monitoring every day, or every other day.

What should you know about IVF monitoring?

Monitoring is very straightforward. The team at our clinic regularly communicates with our patients. Our goal is to ensure they know when to come in for monitoring and what to expect during that appointment.

Baseline testing. Before a woman starts medications, she receives a blood test and an ultrasound. These tests confirm that she is not pregnant, her estrogen level is low and her uterine lining is thin. This aspect of monitoring also reveals whether a woman has ovarian cysts, and it allows the doctor to perform an antral follicle count. These follicles contain the immature eggs.

Bloodwork. Once the patient begins fertility medications, she will regularly undergo bloodwork at our clinic. We analyze the blood to determine whether her eggs are growing properly, and to confirm she is not going to ovulate.

Ultrasounds. A specialist performs an ultrasound at most monitoring appointments to count the number of eggs that are maturing and measure their size.

Communication with the staff. When a patient is at our clinic for IVF monitoring, we often check in with her to ensure she has enough medication. We also answer her questions and provide any other support the patient needs during this time.

A nurse or a doctor at our Tennessee fertility center typically contacts the patient the same day they come in for monitoring to review the results. They will also let the patient know whether she needs to adjust her fertility medications.

Outside monitoring may be an option for some patients

If one of our patients lives closer to another fertility clinic, we can sometimes arrange for them to receive some monitoring at that nearby clinic. In this situation, our staff communicates with the other clinic to ensure they perform the proper monitoring. We also ensure that the other clinic sends the results to our doctors in a timely manner.

Our Tennessee fertility center provides comprehensive care to patients before, during and after their IVF cycle to ensure they have a positive experience on their path to parenthood.

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