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Natural Cycle IUI

Exploring natural cycle IUI for patients who regularly ovulate

In our Nashville fertility clinic, we strive to provide patients with affordable, effective fertility treatment. For those who want to start with a simple treatment option, IUI, or intrauterine insemination, may represent a viable option for achieving pregnancy. Depending on the specific situation, your doctor will recommend a medicated or unmedicated IUI, also referred to as a natural cycle IUI.

What is natural cycle IUI?

During any IUI fertility treatment, the process involves having a physician place the washed sperm directly in the uterus to improve the chances of conception. With a medicated IUI cycle, the female patient takes fertility medication to induce ovulation, before one of our Nashville fertility clinic doctors performs the IUI procedure. For a natural cycle, we will time the insemination with your regular ovulation cycle.

When should you consider natural cycle insemination?

Before recommending natural cycle IUI as a fertility treatment, your doctor will want to perform basic fertility tests to confirm regular ovulation and rule out any other fertility concerns. Individuals who have trouble ovulating should look at medicated IUI instead.

We often suggest natural cycle IUI in these situations.

Understanding the process

To begin the process, we will have you chart your cycle and monitor ovulation with at-home ovulation prediction kits. These tests measure the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH), which will surge right before ovulation. Typically, we will schedule the IUI for the day after the LH surge. In preparation for the IUI, the laboratory team will wash and prepare the sperm provided by your partner or sperm donor.

The insemination appointment is an in-office procedure. Your doctor will insert a small catheter into the cervix and use it to place the sperm directly in the uterus. We have our patients rest for 10 to 15 minutes following the procedure, but they can resume normal activity after leaving the appointment. Cramping and light spotting can occur after the insemination and are not cause for concern.

If you want to begin your family-building journey, the team at our Nashville fertility clinic can assist in bringing those dreams to fruition. We offer trusted fertility treatment, such as natural cycle IUI, that delivers proven results. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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