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Infertility Evaluation

Initial Fertility Evaluation

First Steps Determine the Causes of a Couple’s Infertility

It is our goal that you feel hope the first time you step through our doors at NFC. We wish success for all of our patients, and we will do everything we can to make your family-building dream come true. The first step toward that dream is a new patient appointment with a NFC physician. A thorough review of your medical history and records, including surgeries, will be completed with care and concern and then recommendations for testing appropriate to your situation will be made. You may have had some fertility related testing in the past, so please bring your records with you to your visit. We think it is very important to look at each test and piece of information as pieces to a puzzle. Together they create a picture that leads us to a solution that fits each couple individually.

Female Evaluation

Most of our female patients will have a pelvic ultrasound at their first visit or shortly after, either with their physician or our sonographer. Blood work on cycle day 3 may be recommended, and further blood testing independent of the menstrual cycle may be appropriate. A subsequent uterine and fallopian tube evaluation will usually be recommended. For all women trying to conceive, we recommend genetic screening for heritable diseases. Screening is highly recommended by the American College Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) in hopes of increasing the chance that your child will be healthy. Please read our section on genetic screening and we will be glad to answer any questions at the time of your visit. Also, further information about a woman’s infertility evaluation is available at

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Male Evaluation

For men, a semen analysis is the first test recommended. Blood work may follow, and in some cases, a more advanced male evaluation with a urologist may be recommended. Specific male testing is reviewed further here.  We also recommend Genetic screening in men for heritable diseases in accordance with ACOG recommendations. Again, this is recommended to increase the chance your child will be healthy.

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This first appointment may take a few hours to complete so give yourself time. Your first appointment at NFC is a chance for us to get to know you, evaluate your situation and, together, develop a strategy that we hope will lead you to holding your baby.

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