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Preconception Genetic Screening

Preconception Genetic Screening

A simple saliva or blood test can now allow couples to determine their risk of having a child with an inherited genetic disease.

MOST babies born with a genetic disease have NO family history!!!

Counsyl is a comprehensive carrier screening test that reveals an individuals carrier status.  We all carry recessive disease traits, and these are passed undetected along the generations.  Diseases are only expressed if a couple carry the SAME recessive disease trait. (see diagram below)  In this situation, they would have a high chance of having a child affected by the disease.

At NFC we recommend carrier screening so parents-to-be may prevent devastating disease in their children.  The low cost of screening and peace of mind the test can bring make the decision to screen an easy one for many of our patients.  Please talk to your nurse or NFC physician if you have questions or want to have genetic screening completed.



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