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Male Fertility Testing

Male Fertility Testing Provides Answers

For about half of couples struggling to conceive, male factor infertility is either the primary cause or a contributing factor. The good news is that with treatment, many men who have male factor infertility can still become fathers. The first step is identifying the problem through male fertility testing.

What to expect with male fertility testing

When you make an appointment for a male fertility evaluation at our Tennessee fertility center, you’re taking a big step toward solving the mystery behind your inability to conceive.

At this visit, your fertility specialist will conduct an evaluation to determine whether there are any problems with your partner’s sperm or reproductive tract. The process includes reviewing your partner’s medical history and ordering male fertility testing to ensure that his sperm are capable of conception.

Common tests for male infertility include:

Depending on the situation, additional fertility testing for men may also be ordered.

  • Semen culture to rule out bacterial infection
  • Genetic karyotype test to look for abnormal chromosomes
  • Y chromosome microdeletion study to check for genetic disorders that can reduce fertility
  • Blood tests for testosterone and other hormone levels

If further evaluation and treatment are needed, your fertility specialist may refer your partner to a urologist, who can identify any anatomic abnormalities that may contribute to an inability to conceive. For example, a varicocele, or enlarged varicose vein in the scrotum, is a common but correctable cause of male infertility.

Peace of mind for future parents

Male fertility testing can provide peace of mind that you and your partner are doing everything possible to overcome the barriers that stand between you and your future child. Combined with the results of your own reproductive studies, male testing gives your doctor a complete picture of your reproductive potential as a couple. With all of the answers in hand, your fertility specialist can work with you and your partner to develop a custom treatment plan that will help you achieve your goal of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

To learn more about male fertility testing or to schedule a consultation, contact our Tennessee fertility center.

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