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Male Infertility Evaluation

A male infertility evaluation could help solve the mystery of a man’s fertility challenges

When hopeful fathers receive a male infertility evaluation at our Tennessee male fertility center, they’re taking a big step towards becoming a father. This evaluation often reveals essential information that helps our fertility specialists make the right infertility diagnosis and create a treatment plan that gives the man the best chance of becoming a father.

What to expect from a male infertility evaluation

When a man comes to our Tennessee male fertility center for his initial evaluation, we will guide him through several steps.

  • Review of medical history. The first step in the male infertility evaluation is a thorough review of the man’s medical history and any past attempts he’s made with his partner to conceive. Results from his previous fertility testing and treatments will also be reviewed.
  • Semen analysis. A semen analysis is an important aspect of this evaluation because it enables us to determine the quantity, shape and movement of the sperm.
  • Antisperm antibody testing. This test looks for certain proteins that could be damaging or killing the sperm.
  • Semen culture. A semen culture can help to determine whether the man has a bacterial infection that may require treatment with antibiotics.
  • Blood tests. This portion of the male infertility evaluation tests the levels of a man’s testosterone and other hormones.
  • Preconception genetic screening. This screening reveals whether the hopeful father carries any inheritable genetic conditions. If he is a carrier, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) can be done on the resulting embryos to ensure that only healthy ones are transferred.

If the hopeful father needs further evaluation, he may be referred to a local urologist who can help to identify anatomic abnormalities that might be causing the infertility challenges.

We help hopeful parents find the right fertility diagnosis

After the male infertility evaluation, one of our fertility specialists will analyze the results and ensure we have enough information to make the right fertility diagnosis. If we do not need additional testing, we can move forward with creating a customized treatment plan.

As leaders in the field of reproductive medicine, patients can rest assured that our Tennessee male fertility center utilizes the latest and most effective diagnostic methods to ensure that each fertility evaluation leads to the right diagnosis and most effective treatment plan.

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