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Cycle Monitoring

Cycle Monitoring with a Local Physician

Due to the quality of our services and our experienced staff, patients from all areas of Tennessee and other states throughout the country have come to Nashville Fertility Center for IVF. However, IVF requires multiple appointments for hormone assays and ultrasound monitoring throughout the cycle. For a patient who does not live in the area, the increased time commitment and cost of travel could become prohibitive.

In order to accommodate patients in this situation, we have encouraged patients to have a local physician do their hormone assays and ultrasound monitoring during their IVF cycle. Results must be received ‘same day’ by your NFC physician for distant IVF monitoring to be effective. This can minimize patient’s time away from home and decrease their travel cost. The patients must come to Nashville Fertility Center for their initial visit, and then may not need to return until their egg retrieval and embryo transfer. The prerequisite tests required for both partners may be scheduled to occur during the initial visit, or many of these tests may be performed by a local physician.

We have worked with many out-of-town patients and have coordinated their cycle monitoring through local physicians’ offices with great success while maintaining the unique needs of individual patients.

If you would like more information about coordinating your IVF cycle monitoring with a local physician, call Richette Crunk at (615) 321-4740, extension 2405, or Email Us.

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