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Finding Hope – Conceiving After a Partial Hysterectomy

Ashley and Christopher needed help conceiving after a partial hysterectomy

Ashley and Christopher needed help conceiving after a partial hysterectomyInfertility is common, but hopeful parents can overcome it by visiting a Nashville fertility doctor. Ashley and Christopher are just one of the many couples that found pregnancy success at Nashville Fertility Center (NFC). They received help conceiving after a partial hysterectomy.

Ashley had a partial hysterectomy at age 12, which left her with only one ovary. She also had pain and complications from endometriosis. “My doctors believed I would never have my own children. In fact, one doctor even tried to talk me into a full hysterectomy at age 18, but I refused. I wanted children, and no one was going to discourage me,” she explains.

Over a decade later, Ashley found an OB/GYN who would change her life. When she explained that her doctors had told her that she wouldn’t be able to have a child, her OB/GYN was shocked. “She smiled and said, ‘Oh, no! We’re going to make this happen,’” Ashley recalls. That’s when the couple got a referral to NFC.

Conceiving after a partial hysterectomy – The journey begins

The couple met with George Hill MD, an experienced Nashville fertility doctor at the practice. After reviewing the options, Dr. Hill recommended in vitro fertilization (IVF). Ashley and Christopher agreed that this was their best option.

Ashley and Christopher needed help conceiving after a partial hysterectomyFrom the beginning, Ashley stressed that everything went according to plan when conceiving after a partial hysterectomy. The couple also received a wealth of understanding and compassion from Dr. Hill, the nurse practitioners and the nurses. “Not once did we ever receive anything from NFC but whole-hearted support. They were so patient, kind and encouraging, and we felt like they were all equally vested in our journey,” Ashley explains.

The couple also felt they learned a great deal from the IVF class they took before they started treatment with their Nashville fertility doctor. According to Ashley, “The class taught us everything we needed to know, and we never had to wonder what to expect next. Even after the class, the team was there at every step to answer our questions.”

After a cycle of IVF, the couple welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Charlotte Lynn. “She is such a gift,” Ashley gushes. The couple still has some frozen embryos left and they plan to use them to grow their family. In fact, they already have names picked out. “It’s so exciting to know we can go back to NFC to have more children. Dr. Hill was amazing, and I want to go back to do my next cycles with him,” Ashley says.

Providing hope and encouragement to other hopeful parents

Ashley and Christopher needed help conceiving after a partial hysterectomyAshley and Christopher know how challenging infertility can be, so they want to encourage other people not to give up. According to Ashley, “Miracles happen, so it’s important to keep trying. Sometimes, you just need a little extra help. That’s what Dr. Hill and NFC gave us. We wouldn’t have our precious Charlotte without them.”

The couple also wants other men and women to know that fertility issues affect more than just the woman. “It was hard to watch my wife struggle with the pain of endometriosis for years, so I was reluctant to put her through more with fertility treatment. But I saw how much it meant to her and I got on board after talking to NFC. They really took care of us there. A lot of people forget that husbands are a part of this process, but NFC never did,” Christopher says.

When asked about their final thoughts on conceiving after a partial hysterectomy, Ashley says, “I’m just thankful for my baby girl and Nashville Fertility Center.”

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