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Overcoming Lack of Ovulation – A Patient Story

After being diagnosed with lack of ovulation, Gina and Phil worried they would never conceive. Our Nashville fertility specialist didn’t give up.

A lack of ovulation

Gina had her first visit with a gynecologist at age 16 for a unique reason–she hadn’t had a period yet. “My mother worked in the medical field, so she was very concerned that I hadn’t started my period,” Gina explained.

After conducting a series of tests and ultrasounds, her first gynecologist couldn’t find anything wrong, so Gina was referred to another one. Her new physician prescribed medication to induce her periods. It eventually worked, but only if she continued to take it.

Gina didn’t really worry about her period again until age 27, when she married her husband Phil. “I told Phil that I didn’t have periods. I was embarrassed to tell him because it made me feel like less of a woman, but he was very understanding,” Gina said.

When the couple wanted to start trying for a baby, Gina returned to her gynecologist to address her lack of ovulation. “He said that I probably wouldn’t be able to have kids, but he referred me to Dr. Hill,” she remembered. She and her husband weren’t ready to give up on their dreams of parenthood, so they made an appointment with Nashville fertility specialist George Hill MD.

A long road to overcome a lack of ovulation

After visiting our Nashville fertility specialist, Gina received confirmation that she suffered from a lack of ovulation, so she began fertility treatment. According to Gina, “At first Dr. Hill had us try fertility medicines and timed intercourse. It felt very mechanical to keep track of everything. After we didn’t get pregnant, Dr. Hill recommended intrauterine insemination.”

The couple then suffered several miscarriages, including a late-term miscarriage with twin girls when Gina was 33. “I kept wondering why it was so easy for everyone else to have a baby. It was a stressful time in our marriage, but my husband Phil is very patient and wonderful. We were determined not to let infertility strain our marriage,” Gina said.

Gina decided to take a break for two years before going back to Dr. Hill one more time for fertility treatment. This time the fertility medications and intrauterine insemination resulted in a healthy baby girl whom the couple named Jennifer. “After Jennifer was born, it was worth all of the stress and all of the treatments,” Gina gushed.

Jennifer is 19 now, but Gina and Phil haven’t forgotten everything that Dr. Hill did for them. “We brought Jennifer to see Dr. Hill when she was a few weeks old, and we sent him her high school graduation picture. We wanted him to see what he helped us create,” Gina explained.

Advice for women and couples

Gina had nothing but good things to say about our Nashville fertility specialist. According to Gina, “I love Dr. Hill. I wish he could be my doctor for everything. He was so patient and kind. He never gave up on us. He kept telling me that I would have a baby one day. When we finally got pregnant, he told us we were one of his hardest cases, but he was honored to help us.”

When asked for her advice about infertility, Gina recommends taking it one day at a time. “I understand what women in my position are going through. Keep your head up and never give up. Everything you go through is worth it to get a baby.”

Gina also recommends our Nashville fertility specialist. “I tell women who are trying to get pregnant, you have to go see Dr. Hill at Nashville Fertility Center. He’s the best.”

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