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Donor Sperm Options

Donor Sperm Options Can be Helpful with Infertility Caused by Low Sperm Counts & Prior Vasectomy

Some of our patients will use donor sperm for treatment, either in an IUI cycle (Therapeutic Donor Insemination or TDI) or for insemination in an IVF cycle. The donation of semen for therapeutic insemination has been practiced in this country for many years resulting in the birth of thousands of infants each year. Its use has steadily increased during the last few years due, in part, to its increasing acceptance as a recognized medical procedure and by a decrease in the availability of infants for adoption.

While not a medical indication for donor insemination, certainly single females or women in same-sex relationships may use TDI to become mothers as well.

Medical Indications for Donor Sperm

  • The male is irreversibly sterile from any cause
  • The male has had a vasectomy and does not want a reversal.
  • The male has a low or marginal sperm count, anti-sperm antibodies, or some other condition where the male factor is thought to be the predominant cause of the infertility and cannot be overcome by other means.
  • The male has or is a carrier of a known hereditary disease.
  • The male has a problem with ejaculation that cannot be overcome by current technology.
  • The female is Rh-negative and severely sensitized to Rh-positive blood and husband is Rh-positive.
  • Failed fertilization in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures in couples with a male factor or unexplained infertility.

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