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Working with Sperm Banks

Information about working with sperm banks

Many men and women who utilize the support of our Nashville fertility clinic want to know more about working with sperm banks. Intended parents may need to utilize donor sperm for many reasons. However, the process of donor selection, the shipment of the specimen and other factors involved in this journey can be confusing for some.

Who needs to know about working with sperm banks?

Various circumstances can make men and women good candidates for donor sperm.

Men with infertility issues. If fertility testing reveals that a man does not have healthy sperm, utilizing a donor could be the most effective next step on the path to parenthood.

Single women. A woman choosing to conceive without a male partner may need to work with a sperm bank.

Lesbian couples. Same-sex female couples wanting to have a child through IVF or intrauterine insemination (IUI) will require donor sperm.

The knowledgeable team at our Nashville fertility clinic works closely with intended parents, helping them determine whether donor sperm is their best option.

Commonly asked questions

Once hopeful parents have decided to move forward with donor sperm, there are many questions that come up.

How can intended parents select the right donor? When working with sperm banks, intended parents will discover that they have many options, as most sperm banks offer a wide array of donors. To find their ideal donor, men and women can search through donor profiles. These profiles provide information about the donors’ physical characteristics, hobbies, family health history, education and more.

Should intended parents purchase enough sperm for a sibling cycle? Even if intended parents are unsure whether they’ll want to do a sibling cycle, it can be wise to purchase enough sperm from the same donor to do more than one cycle. The extra sperm can be frozen and stored for later use.

How is sperm sent to the fertility clinic? To enhance the intended parents’ experience of working with sperm banks, we primarily refer to the Seattle Sperm Bank. This bank uses the simple procedure of having intended parents choose their donor, vial type and quantity. The parents then place their order online or via a phone call, and then schedule a shipment to our Nashville fertility clinic.

To ensure sperm is not damaged in transit, the Seattle Sperm Bank uses the highest quality of CryoShippers. These are steel tanks known as “dry shippers” that utilize liquid nitrogen to maintain the ideal temperature of -180 degrees Celsius. They are the leading United States sperm bank in international shipping and distribution of sperm. They are also licensed to distribute samples to all U.S. states and territories.

The protocol involved in working with sperm banks is often very straightforward, and something we provide ample support for.

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