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Donor Sperm IVF for Lesbians

Same-sex female couples can build their family with donor sperm IVF for lesbians

Our Tennessee fertility doctors help many women become mothers through donor sperm IVF for lesbians. When a woman cannot use donor sperm IUI because of genetic or health challenges, IVF is an effective next step. This treatment helps women move past a variety of fertility challenges and often results in the birth of a healthy baby.

Selecting the right sperm donor

When women decide to use donor sperm IVF for lesbians, one of the first steps is finding their ideal sperm donor. Our Tennessee fertility doctors support women in this process by connecting them with a reputable sperm bank with high-quality donors.

Thorough donor screening. Sperm donors at reputable sperm banks go through comprehensive screening. This screening includes blood and urine testing that reveals whether the donor has any inheritable genetic conditions, infectious diseases or other issues that could affect sperm health. Specialists also evaluate the donor’s family, medical and sexual history. Additionally, donors undergo a criminal background check.

Semen analysis. All donors provide a semen sample so that andrologists can test it for volume, concentration, motility (movement) and morphology (shape).

Reviewing donor profiles. After determining the qualities they’d like in their donor, women review sperm donor profiles. These profiles include photos of the donors. They also contain information about each donor’s education, occupation, hobbies and personality.

The knowledgeable team at our clinic supports women through each step of this process. The goal is to help them find a high-quality donor who meets their requirements.

What happens when using donor sperm IVF for lesbians

After selecting a sperm donor, women can move forward with donor sperm IVF for lesbians. The IVF cycle involves several steps, and our Tennessee fertility doctors provide guidance every step of the way.

Preparing sperm. Andrologists prepare donor sperm by thawing and testing it to confirm its quality. Next, they wash the sperm with a special solution.

Inducing ovulation and retrieving the eggs. The IVF cycle begins when one of the patients begins taking ovulation induction medications. These medicines trigger the growth of numerous eggs. When the eggs reach a certain size, the doctor retrieves them during a short procedure.

Fertilizing the eggs. Following the egg retrieval, the doctor sends the eggs to the lab. There, an embryologist fertilizes them with donor sperm. The embryologist can also test the resulting embryos for chromosomal abnormalities at this time.

Transferring the embryo. IVF with donor sperm concludes with the fertility doctor transferring an embryo into the uterus of the patient who will carry the pregnancy.

IVF with donor sperm is an effective treatment that often results in the birth of a healthy baby. With the expert support of our clinic, IVF can be a straightforward path to parenthood. Contact us for more information about our fertility services.

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