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Individualized Fertility Treatment Plans

Individualized fertility treatment plans give hopeful parents the best chance of success

Each Tennessee fertility doctor at our clinic is committed to creating individualized fertility treatment plans for hopeful parents. Because every person has unique needs, we work closely with patients to ensure their customized treatment plan gives them the best chance of success.

How we create individualized fertility treatment plans

When hopeful parents first meet with a Tennessee fertility doctor at our clinic, the doctor ensures they obtain a complete picture of the patients’ needs by going over their medical history. The doctor will then take certain factors into consideration as they work with couples to develop individualized fertility treatment plans.

  • Results from past fertility treatments and attempts to conceive. An important aspect of the medical history is the outcome of the couple’s past attempts to conceive, in addition to the results of previous fertility treatments they may have received.
  • Age and urgency to conceive. The age of the hopeful parents, and how quickly they would like to conceive are important considerations when the timeline for individualized fertility treatment plans are being created.
  • Fertility testing. Our Tennessee fertility doctor will recommend that hopeful parents undergo a series of diagnostic tests in order to better understand the barriers to conception. These tests might include a blood test, an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes (HSG test) and an ultrasound for women, and a semen analysis for men. Preconception genetic screening will also be recommended for men and women.
  • Financial circumstances. We are sensitive to the varying financial situations of patients, and will provide counsel and support in developing individualized treatment plans that honor potential financial constraints.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for infertility, which is why our expert team views every hopeful parent as a unique individual who requires customized care and treatment.

We offer continuous guidance and support

As men and women navigate the challenging journey of infertility, we work to make their lives easier by providing a full-range of fertility services, education on all aspects of infertility and potential treatments, state-of-the-art technology and a caring staff.

When a Tennessee fertility doctor at Nashville Fertility Center is discussing various individualized fertility treatment plans, they will ensure the hopeful parents have a complete understanding of the benefits and costs of each option, in addition to the success rates.

We pride ourselves on working with patients to create treatment plans that provide the most effective path to taking home a healthy baby.

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