Male factor can be a cause of a couples struggle with infertility 40% of the time

In couples who are having problems conceiving, approximately 40% of the time the etiology is related to the male partner. In another 20% of cases a combination of both male and female factors are responsible. It is now possible to achieve pregnancies with sperm from men with even the most severe forms of male infertility. Because of these facts the physicians at Nashville Fertility Center believe that it is important to fully assess the male partner as part of the complete evaluation of the couple. At your initial consultation a complete history and review of your previous evaluation will be performed. Recommendations for additional testing and treatment will then be presented.

Male Reproduction Basics

Sperm are made in a man’s testes and pass through the epididymis which nourishes and houses the sperm as they develop. The sperm travel through the vas deferens and are stored in the seminal vesicles where they reach maturity and are ejaculated. The average man has about 70 million sperm in his ejaculate; a concentration of less than 15 million may impair fertility.

Just before a man ejaculates, sperm mixes with fluid from the prostate to create semen. This fluid is high in sugar to provide fuel to the sperm as they embark on their long journey. Sperm must swim through a woman’s cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes to reach the egg.

Sperm creation is a three month process, so any changes in lifestyle to attempt to improve fertility must be in effect for at least that long to potentially show results.