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One Couple’s Journey to Conceive With IVF For PCOS

How one couple conceived with help from IVF for PCOS

How one couple conceived with help from IVF for PCOSJesse and Debbie spent six and a half years trying to conceive before they found Nashville Fertility Center and discovered the power of IVF for PCOS. “I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), so we bounced around numerous OBGYNs, but we weren’t getting the help we needed,” Debbie recalls.

Finally, after testing and surgery with an OBGYN in Columbia, Tennessee, the couple received a referral to visit our practice. However, the decision to make the first appointment wasn’t an easy one. According to Debbie, “It took us a year to decide because it was such a big decision, but we eventually decided to make the call and set up a consult.”

Starting the journey with a Nashville fertility doctor

How one couple conceived with help from IVF for PCOSThe couple expected there to be a wait list when they called for an appointment, but it didn’t take long for Jesse and Debbie to get scheduled. “They got us in the next week, which was a pleasant surprise,” Debbie explains.

At the first appointment, Dr. George Hill made the couple feel comfortable by explaining the process and answering all their questions. The nurses were also wonderful and helped convince Jesse and Debbie that Nashville Fertility Center was the right place for them. “The OBGYNs I visited kept telling me that I probably wouldn’t be able to conceive with PCOS, but everyone at NFC made me feel hopeful,” Debbie recalls.

To start the fertility process, Dr. Hill tried one cycle of artificial insemination, also known as intrauterine insemination (IUI). The couple was discouraged when it didn’t work. However, they soon discovered that Debbie had uterine polyps that could be interfering with conception. “That’s when Dr. Hill recommended that I visit Dr. Van Heertum for surgery,” Debbie says.

From surgery for polyps to IVF for PCOS

How one couple conceived with help from IVF for PCOSDr. Kristin Van Heertum successfully removed the uterine polyps, and the experience was so good that the couple decided to start seeing her for treatment. According to Debbie, “Dr. Hill was wonderful, but we felt such a connection to Dr. Van Heertum that we decided to start seeing her.”

The couple did two more IUI cycles, including a hybrid one with injectable medications. However, these cycles didn’t result in pregnancy. The couple felt very discouraged and considered giving up. It was then that Jesse and Debbie saw a glimmer of hope.

The IVF process was “hard but amazing.” According to Debbie, “It was overwhelming, but Dr. Van Heertum was so good to us, and Miranda, our IVF nurse, was an angel and walked us through everything. Kelli, the nurse practitioner, and Amber and Logan, the nurses, also supported me and really encouraged me to keep going.”

How one couple conceived with help from IVF for PCOSIt all paid off for the couple, because after just one round of in vitro fertilization, they ended up with seven embryos. November 6 was the couple’s transfer day, and they are now expecting a bundle of joy. “It wasn’t always easy, but I would go through it again to be where I am today,” Debbie explains.

Even though Debbie is now under the care of an OBGYN, Dr. Van Heertum and the Nashville Fertility Center nurses still call to check on her. “I feel like I have a second family. You wouldn’t expect to get this treatment from a doctor’s office, but you do at NFC,” Debbie says. “

Advice for other women and men facing infertility

In addition to recommending a visit with a Nashville fertility doctor at NFC, Debbie also stresses the importance of sharing your struggles and concerns. “It was hard for me to open up, but once I stepped outside my comfort zone, I realized how many people are going through the same thing. It’s nice to have someone to lean on.”

How one couple conceived with help from IVF for PCOSShe also explained that it’s important to trust your doctor. “I watched a lot of YouTubers and wondered why their IVF protocol was different than mine. I’ve learned that everyone is unique, so your treatment plan won’t always be the same as someone else’s,” Debbie says. “Just trust your doctor and follow their instructions. There’s a rhyme and a reason for everything.”

Finally, the couple wants other people to know about the beauty of embryo adoption. They currently have six frozen embryos in storage right now, and they plan to transfer at least one more. Initially, they were worried about what would happen to the remaining embryos, but then they learned about embryo adoption. “We’re so blessed, and I feel like this [embryo adoption] is God’s way of saying, ‘This is your chance to help someone else.’”

If you’d like to visit a Nashville fertility doctor at our practice and learn more about treatments like IVF for PCOS, please contact us for a consultation. We look forward to helping you on your fertility journey.

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