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Candidates for Egg Freezing

Certain women are candidates for egg freezing

Certain women are candidates for egg freezingCandidates for egg freezing should look into the option of egg freezing in Tennessee. As more women delay motherhood because of their career or relationship status, we have seen an increase in egg freezing. With amazing advances in egg freezing technologies, this has become an excellent treatment option for those hoping to preserve their fertility.

Candidates for egg freezing

Numerous life circumstances make certain women good candidates for egg freezing.

  • Women 34 and under. Because a woman’s fertility peaks in her 20s and begins to decline in her 30s, women who are interested in postponing motherhood until their late 30s or early-40s should freeze their eggs in their mid-30s. It’s ideal for women to freeze their eggs at this age as younger eggs are often healthier and better equipped to undergo freezing. Younger eggs are also better suited for thawing when the woman is ready to conceive.
  • Those with certain health concerns. Women who need chemotherapy or radiation are good candidates for egg freezing, as these treatments can negatively affect fertility. These women should consider freezing their eggs before their treatment begins. It’s also wise for women with a family history of premature ovarian failure to explore the option of egg freezing.
  • Employees with insurance coverage. Some companies cover the cost of egg freezing. Women who would like to postpone motherhood, and have egg freezing insurance coverage through their employer, should look into this fertility preservation option.
  • Military personnel. Women faced with the prospect of going into combat are good candidates for egg freezing, as combat could potentially damage their ovaries.

Women who are candidates for egg freezing, and are exploring the option of egg freezing in Tennessee, will find a wealth of knowledge and support at our clinic.

Taking the next steps

For those interested in egg freezing, the next steps consist of an initial consultation with one of our egg freezing specialists, and an ultrasound and blood work to assess hormone levels and ovarian reserve.

Candidates for egg freezing can rest assured that this is a safe and effective method of fertility preservation, giving women more flexibility on their journey to motherhood.

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