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From Heartbreak to Hope After Losing Two Babies

Megan and Chris' Hope in PGT

Overcoming heartbreak after losing two babies due to a genetic condition

Overcoming heartbreak after losing two babies due to a genetic conditionWhen Megan and Chris first came to our Tennessee fertility center, they had been through unimaginable heartache and were losing hope. Megan had given birth to a baby boy who passed away a week after birth due to a rare genetic condition. She was told the chances of it happening in a subsequent pregnancy were “one in a million.” They then conceived a girl, and tragedy struck again. The baby had the same genetic anomaly as her brother and passed soon after birth.

Megan and Chris navigated intense grief, while also wanting answers after losing two babies. “When we lost our second child, we lost faith in the medical community. Few people could provide answers, and we faced a lot of insensitivity. Because we knew our daughter wouldn’t survive after she was born, many acted like it wasn’t that big of a deal,” Megan says.

Finding a path forward

After experiencing a string of dead ends, Megan and Chris found Dr. Eblen and our Tennessee fertility center. “Dr. Eblen really listened,” Megan says. “She had the same thoughts and concerns I did without me even articulating them. She also put us in touch with a geneticist who provided many of the explanations we’d been searching for.”

This high-quality, compassionate care has given them confidence that their situation is being examined from every possible angle. They’re also receiving information to make educated decisions, which Megan says has given them hope after losing two babies.

“These things are life-changing, and the care Dr. Eblen provides makes a big difference,” Megan says. “Regardless of how our story continues to unfold, I’ll be forever thankful that she’s taking the time to help us explore our situation. We’re confident we’re doing everything we can.”

The next steps for the couple

Megan and Chris are waiting to hear whether the genetic anomaly their children had is something that they can avoid through preimplantation genetic testing (PGT). When that information is available, they will work with Dr. Eblen to determine the best options for the next steps on their journey to build their family.

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