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IVF with Donor Sperm

Learn how IVF with donor sperm could be your next step towards parenthood

Our Tennessee fertility center helps many women and men fulfill their dream of parenthood by using IVF with donor sperm. This can be an effective fertility treatment option for men with genetic or fertility issues, as well as single women and lesbian couples. If we determine that using a sperm donor is the best option for a patient, we support them in the process of finding the ideal donor and beginning in vitro fertilization (IVF).

How we can help connect patients with their ideal donor

After the patient decides to pursue IVF with donor sperm, our Tennessee fertility center can connect them with a high-quality sperm bank. The sperm bank has every donor undergo extensive testing to confirm that they can provide healthy sperm. They also provide additional resources to assist in the process of donor selection.

Donor screening. Patients looking for a sperm donor can rest assured that all of the donors from reputable sperm banks go through a thorough vetting process. Before the man donates, he undergoes genetic testing and a full physical exam, which includes bloodwork and a urine test. A specialist also analyzes his family, medical and sexual history, in addition to running a criminal background check.

Semen analysis. One of the most important aspects of the donor’s screening is a semen analysis. This test ensures that he has enough healthy sperm that can contribute to the development of a healthy pregnancy.

Selecting the right donor. When a patient is ready to start their search for a sperm donor, they can review donor profiles through the sperm bank. These profiles include photos and information about the donor’s education, occupation, hobbies and personality.

We can support patients with the process of donor selection. Our team can also answer their questions and provide any additional assistance they may require.

The step-by-step process of IVF with donor sperm

Once the patient selects a sperm donor, IVF with donor sperm can begin. This cycle includes a series of steps that often leads to a healthy pregnancy. Our staff is by the patient’s side through each phase, helping them understand the timeline, medication and other aspects of the process.

Sperm preparation. Once the patient selects a donor, a specialist thaws the donor’s semen sample and performs an additional evaluation. After confirming the sperm is still of high quality, the specialist washes and prepares it for use.

Ovulation induction. Next, the female patient begins ovulation induction medications that cause multiple eggs to grow. Once the eggs have matured, a fertility doctor retrieves them during an outpatient procedure.

Fertilization. After the fertility doctor retrieves the eggs, he or she sends them to the lab where an embryologist fertilizes them with the donor sperm.

Transfer. Following fertilization, the fertility doctor transfers a single embryo to the female patient’s or the surrogate’s uterus during a short procedure.

With the support of our Tennessee fertility center, this path to parenthood can be incredibly effective. We make sure patients receive superior care so that they have the best chance of taking home a healthy baby.

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