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Getting Ready For ASRM 2022

ASRM 2022 is the ideal time for our doctors to learn more about advances in fertility care

ASRM 2022 is the ideal time for our doctors to learn more about advances in fertility careDr. Weitzman and Dr. Van Heertum from our Tennessee fertility clinic will attend the ASRM 2022 fertility conference. There, they will learn more about new developments in reproductive care and connect with other industry professionals.

After ASRM 2022, Dr. Weitzman and Dr. Van Heertum will know more about the latest fertility-related discoveries and trailblazing practices. The doctors can then infuse this knowledge into the care our clinic provides to patients hoping to build a family.

ASRM 2022 will provide our doctors with a variety of resources to explore

This conference brings together the brightest minds in fertility care. Together, they can discover and share the newest developments in reproductive medicine.

Presentations on novel research. During the conference, Dr. Weitzman and Dr. Van Heertum will attend presentations and discussions on different reproductive medicine topics.

A celebration of reproductive rights. The president of ASRM will host a gala to honor impactful milestones in reproductive rights. The gala is also a time to set the foundation for further policy discussions that will continue to positively shape the field.

Updates on professional organizations. The doctors can discover the latest news from various professional organizations.

Connect with fellow fertility specialists. This fertility conference is a prime time for the doctors to meet new colleagues in the field and reconnect with old friends.

An exciting assortment of exhibitors. The exhibitors at this fertility conference will expose the doctors to the latest reproductive care techniques and offerings.

Following the conference, Dr. Weitzman and Dr. Van Heertum will share the most impactful information with their colleagues at our Tennessee fertility clinic.

Researchers will present groundbreaking research at this year’s ASRM fertility conference

Of particular interest is a presentation by Peter Schlegel MD on the evolution of surgical treatments for severe male infertility. Another highlight is Diana Laird PhD who will discuss the effects of prenatal exposures to endocrine-disrupting chemicals. In addition, Amanda Kallen MD will share findings on how ovarian aging might be a critical determinant of fertility as well as overall health and lifespan.

Our Tennessee fertility clinic is looking forward to taking in the groundbreaking information the presenters at ASRM 2022 are sure to share. Contact us to learn more about the ASRM fertility conference.


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