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Holistic Therapies That Can Enhance Traditional Fertility Treatments

Holistic Therapies That Can Enhance Traditional Fertility Treatments

Holistic Therapies That Can Enhance Traditional Fertility TreatmentsFor some people, taking a more natural approach to fertility care just feels right. Our fertility specialists in Tennessee respect our patients’ preferences when it comes to their own fertility treatment. As experts in fertility care and IVF, we love it when patients want to discuss holistic fertility treatment options, so that we can ensure that they choose natural fertility supplements and other modalities that are safe, effective and compatible with their treatment plan.

Holistic fertility treatment options

Many supplements and treatments are marketed as fertility enhancers, but the truth is that not all of them make a noticeable difference, and some of them can even be counterproductive. A few, however, have some scientific evidence proving their safety, and in some cases, their benefits as part of holistic treatment plan for your path to pregnancy.

Supplements. It’s important to get enough nutrients when you’re trying to conceive. While there are plenty of “fertility supplements” on the market, a good prenatal vitamin is the one we recommend to ensure that your body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to optimize fertility. Prenatal supplements also contain the right amount of folate to prevent certain birth defects in babies. We are happy to recommend or prescribe a fertility supplement that would be best for you as part of your holistic fertility treatment approach.

Diet and exercise. Being overweight or underweight can have a negative effect on your fertility. There’s no magic holistic fertility treatment that can make up for this, so we recommend good old-fashioned diet and exercise to optimize your weight. We are happy to provide advice and resources for how to create a healthy diet with low-impact exercises and natural fertility supplements that can boost your overall health and potentially improve your fertility.

Acupuncture. Studies have proven that acupuncture can have beneficial effects on fertility, possibly due to its ability to reduce stress. We wholeheartedly support any stress-management activities that can help you get through fertility treatment with more peace of mind, and can recommend local acupuncturists who are informed about fertility treatment and stress reduction.

Yoga. Speaking of stress reduction, yoga is a low-impact exercise that relaxes both the body and the mind and can be a wonderful addition to a fertility care journey. Depending on your fertility treatment plan, gentle yoga may be a good option to help you feel better and manage your weight, which can be beneficial to your overall health and fertility. We may recommend that you avoid “hot yoga” or high-impact “power yoga” while undergoing certain phases of your fertility treatment, so be sure to discuss your exercise plans with your reproductive endocrinologist.

Meditation and relaxation. Fertility treatment can be a long, emotionally draining process. Taking time to focus on your mental health by taking a few minutes a day to meditate, journal or simply rest and relax. Slowing down and breathing deeply can often reset your stress levels, which can help you get through challenging times with greater peace of mind.

Let’s create a plan – together

Focusing on a holistic fertility treatment approach can help you take more control over your own fertility care process. Please do not start any new natural fertility supplements or activities without first discussing them with our fertility specialists in Tennessee, who can help you choose the most safe and effective options that work with your specific treatment plan. Contact us to schedule a consultation, or call our office any time. We are here to make your journey to parenthood easier by supporting you every step of the way.


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