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How Dr. Van Heertum Solves Fertility Challenges with Reproductive Surgery

Dr. Van Heertum uses reproductive surgery to restore fertility

Dr. Van Heertum uses reproductive surgery to restore fertilityIt’s fair to say that most patients can experience trepidation when they hear their doctor mention reproductive surgery. However, they are thrilled when they can conceive a child after having one of these procedures. Seeing this joy on the faces of hopeful parents is why our newest Nashville fertility surgeon, Kristin Van Heertum MD, is so passionate about this area of reproductive medicine.

According to Dr. Van Heertum, “I find it so rewarding to see how the right surgical techniques and procedures can help patients overcome fertility challenges they may have been struggling with for years.”

Our Nashville fertility surgeon received extensive training in reproductive surgery

Dr. Van Heertum has an impressive medical background. She attended Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia for her medical degree and completed her Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Abington Hospital-Jefferson Health in Abington, Pennsylvania. During her residency, she received excellent training in gynecological surgery, due to the hospital’s high clinical census and surgical volume.

For her fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, she attended University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center/Case Western Reserve University. This fellowship allowed her to continue her surgical training and focus on reproductive surgery, including training in minimally invasive and robotic techniques.

According to Dr. Van Heertum, “My fellowship had a focus on the fertility aspects of pelvic surgery, which allowed me to really hone my skills and feed my passion for using those skills to help women conceive.”

Today, our Nashville fertility surgeon is using this knowledge to treat patients at Nashville Fertility Center who can benefit from surgical treatments for infertility.

Who can benefit from reproductive surgery?

Reproductive surgery isn’t right for every patient. However, it can help patients conceive and find relief from the symptoms of certain conditions.

  • Fibroids, or benign growths in the uterine muscle that can affect fertility
  • Pelvic adhesions, or scar tissue that can cause infertility and pelvic pain
  • Endometriosis, which occurs when the uterine lining grows outside the uterus
  • Blocked fallopian tubes, which can prevent sperm from reaching the egg

Contact us for an appointment if you think you could benefit from reproductive surgery. Dr. Van Heertum is now accepting patients and will be happy to explain the treatment options that can restore your fertility.


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