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How Many Eggs to Freeze

Find out how many eggs to freeze

Find out how many eggs to freezeWhen you’re considering egg freezing, you will likely have questions about how many eggs to freeze. You aren’t alone. This question is among the first that women ask the physicians at our Nashville egg freezing center. Luckily, Nashville Fertility Center is home to experts in fertility preservation who can provide the answers you need.

How many eggs to freeze varies from woman to woman

The egg freezing process is similar to in vitro fertilization (IVF). You will take injectable fertility medications to stimulate egg production in your ovaries. The goal is to retrieve and freeze as many eggs as possible. Knowing how many eggs to freeze depends on two factors.

  • The number of children you’d like to have
  • Your body’s ability to produce multiple eggs

To make sure that you have enough frozen eggs, our Nashville egg freezing center suggests freezing at least 10 eggs per pregnancy attempt.

Some women who respond well to fertility medications find that they can freeze enough eggs with one egg freezing cycle. Other women may need two or more cycles to freeze enough eggs to build the family of their dreams.

If you are younger than 38 and have no fertility issues, you can likely freeze 10 to 20 eggs in each cycle. Older women may need additional cycles because egg quality and quantity decrease with age. Other groups of women who may need more than one egg freezing cycle include those with fertility issues and those who want a large family.

Your fertility specialist can provide more guidance

To ensure that you have the best egg freezing outcome, our Nashville egg freezing specialists will order fertility tests to assess your ovarian reserve, or egg supply, and predict your response to fertility medication. Using this information, your physician will develop a treatment plan to help you safely and successfully produce as many eggs as possible.

If you’re ready to freeze your eggs, contact us to schedule an appointment at Nashville Fertility Center. Our physicians can help you delay motherhood until you’re ready.


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