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Increase in Millennials Seeking Egg Freezing

Millennials and egg freezing: An upward trend

Millennials and egg freezing: An upward trend With more women shifting their motherhood goals, our Nashville egg freezing program has seen the common combo of millennials and egg freezing. This option of fertility preservation has become so popular that more young women are seeking information about egg freezing.

What’s behind the trend of millennials and egg freezing?

There are many reasons why women in their 20s are considering freezing their eggs.

  • Advances in egg freezing technology have allowed this form of fertility preservation to become a viable option for many women. Vitrification, the flash freezing technique now used on eggs, prevents the formation of ice crystals that could damage the chromosomes inside the egg.
  • Enhanced awareness of female fertility has created a generation of women who are more knowledgeable about the correlation between age and fertility. Because many millennial women know that the quantity and quality of their eggs diminishes in their 30s, they are preserving their eggs in their 20s.
  • Long-term career or educational goals have caused millennials and eggs freezing to go hand in hand as many women are postponing motherhood until their late 30s or early 40s because of these goals.
  • Wanting more time to find the right partner has led many women to select egg freezing as a means to feel less pressure in the pursuit of settling into a relationship with the person they would like to raise children with.

Our Nashville egg freezing program is here to support all women who would like to learn more about millennials and egg freezing.

How to move forward with egg freezing

Women who are considering egg freezing will be happy to find a knowledgeable team of experts at our Nashville egg freezing program, who will guide them through every step of this exciting journey. Timing, cost, medications, egg retrieval and storage will be thoroughly explained, ensuring the woman feels comfortable and well taken care of.

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