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Know the Signs of Infertility

Learn more about the most common signs of infertility

Learn more about the most common signs of infertilityOur Tennessee fertility clinic has found that there are many signs of infertility. Understanding these signs can help women and men get high-quality care as soon as they realize they may struggle to build a family.

When a woman or a man suspects they have infertility issues, our clinic can provide fertility evaluations to help them receive the right diagnosis. For many, our clinic can also provide fertility treatments that can result in the birth of a healthy baby.

Signs of infertility in women

There are a variety of signs that a woman might be facing fertility struggles. These signs often indicate that the woman could benefit from receiving fertility evaluations at our Tennessee fertility clinic.

Going a certain amount of time without becoming pregnant. A woman 35 or older who tries to become pregnant for at least six months without conceiving might be experiencing infertility. Women under 35 who try to become pregnant for at least 12 months without conceiving could have infertility.

Irregular periods or absent periods. Irregular or absent periods could be signs of fertility issues like hormone imbalances or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Exceptionally painful or heavy periods. Women who have very painful or heavy periods might have endometriosis. This occurs when the tissue that should grow in the uterus implants and grows outside the uterus.

Symptoms of hormone imbalances. Imbalances in reproductive hormones could cause certain symptoms. These can include weight gain, reduced sex drive, hair loss, excess facial hair, frequent urination, sweating and dry skin.

Pain during intercourse. Infertility challenges like fibroids and endometriosis can cause painful intercourse.

Women experiencing these signs of infertility can receive comprehensive fertility evaluations from the specialists at our clinic.

Fertility issues men should look out for

Men can also experience symptoms that might indicate fertility issues. These issues could affect the health of sperm or a man’s ability to produce or ejaculate sperm.

Change in sex drive. A shift in sex drive can result from an imbalance in reproductive hormones. Imbalances in men can also cause male breast growth and decreased facial or body hair.

Issues maintaining an erection. There are a variety of health issues that could cause erectile dysfunction, such as low levels of testosterone.

Pain or swelling in the testes. The infertility challenge varicocele can cause pain and swelling in the testicles. This issue consists of enlarged or dilated veins in the scrotum. This can affect sperm production and quality. Small, firm testicles can also be a sign of male infertility.

Difficulty ejaculating. Problems ejaculating could indicate that a man has azoospermia. Obstructive azoospermia occurs when the testicles produce sperm, but the man cannot ejaculate due to a blockage in the male genital tract. Nonobstructive azoospermia consists of a man producing extremely low quantities of sperm or no sperm at all.

The doctors at our Tennessee fertility clinic have an in-depth knowledge of the signs of infertility. With our support, women and men can discover why they’re having trouble conceiving and receive fertility treatments that can help them build a healthy family. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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