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NFC Physician Teaches Embryo Transfer Skills

George Hill, M.D., is an expert in embryo transfer

NFC Physician Teaches Embryo Transfer SkillsThe field of reproductive medicine recognizes that the physicians at Nashville Fertility Center are experienced in providing world-class fertility care. This September, George Hill, M.D., shared his knowledge of embryo transfer techniques at a conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Helping fertility specialists improve embryo transfer techniques

The International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFS) and the Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR) held the 2017 IFFS – RAHR International Symposium Sept. 6-9 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This year’s topic was Reproductive Technology Today and Tomorrow. As part of the preliminary program, Dr. Hill and two other professionals taught the Embryo Transfer Workshop. During the hands-on workshop, participants spent two hours learning about the “importance of a standardized embryo transfer protocol and embryo transfer techniques.”

Using simulations, participants used embryo transfer techniques to navigate progressively more difficult modules using ultrasound guidance or unguided imaging. After receiving real-time feedback and a debriefing with Dr. Hill and the other faculty members, participants will learn skills to help them develop the motor and cognitive skills necessary to attain proficiency in embryo transfer.

Dr. Hill is proud to help educate fertility specialists from around the world

According to Dr. Hill, “It was an honor to represent Nashville Fertility Center at the 2017 IFFS – RAHR International Symposium. I believe that it is important to share knowledge and information with other professionals in the field of reproductive medicine because it improves patient care and outcomes.”

When asked what embryo transfer technique he prefers, Dr. Hill explained that he finds the best results by using ultrasound guidance to place embryos one centimeter to one and a half centimeters from top of the uterus.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hill or any of the other fertility specialists at Nashville Fertility Center, please contact us today. We are committed to diagnosing and treating the complex causes of infertility.


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