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Is your partner at risk for male factor infertility?

Is your partner at risk for male factor infertility?

male-infertility-blogMany couples struggling to conceive are surprised to learn that the problem isn’t the woman’s anatomy or her eggs – it’s male factor infertility. For about half of couples struggling to conceive, problems with the sperm or the male partner’s reproductive tract are either contributing to or causing their inability to get pregnant.

Our Nashville and Murfreesboro fertility center team treats both partners to help optimize the chances for getting pregnant. Here’s what we will find out after testing for male factor infertility.

Risk factors for male infertility

Men sometimes produce too few sperm, have sperm that are the wrong shape or don’t move like they should. They may have a blockage that prevents sperm from getting to the egg. A semen analysis tells us a lot about sperm health.

In some cases, lifestyle changes can improve male infertility issues. Men who smoke, abuse alcohol, use anabolic steroids and recreational drugs, or are overweight are at greater risk. By avoiding these substances and maintaining a healthy weight, some men are able to naturally improve their fertility. It takes three months for new sperm to reach maturity, so be patient and allow time for any changes to take effect.

Keep cool while TTC

You may have heard that a hot laptop, long bike rides or soaking in a hot tub can damage sperm quality and quantity. The male reproductive system is designed to allow the testicles to move away from the body to stay cool in warm conditions. To play it safe, men should avoid overheating their testicles while trying to conceive.

Other causes of male infertility include past or ongoing exposure to toxins, trauma, surgeries, infection or certain illnesses. Men who had undescended testicles as boys, or who have a family history of fertility disorders, are also at higher risk, as are men who have undergone cancer treatment.

The good news is that our Nashville and Murfreesboro fertility center physicians have several excellent treatment options to help men with male factor infertility. Contact us to schedule a male infertility evaluation at Nashville Fertility Center.


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