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Summer Travel and Fertility Treatments

Tips for summer travel and fertility treatments

Tips for summer travel and fertility treatmentsThe team at our Nashville fertility clinic knows that summer travel and fertility treatments don’t have to cancel one another out. We have tips to help hopeful parents smartly and safely navigate this combination.

Safely combining summer travel and fertility treatments

Before hopeful parents schedule a trip, it’s important to know crucial dates like the day of an egg retrieval or transfer. It’s important that travel doesn’t overlap with these dates. After ensuring they won’t be heading out of town when they’re needed at the fertility clinic, patients can take steps to create a stress-free travel experience that doesn’t negatively affect their fertility journey.

  • Put off trips to areas reporting Zika.
  • Bring enough medications for the trip, plus three extra days to account for delays.
  • Make sure to keep necessary medications cool.
  • Keep medications in original packaging to minimize confusion.
  • Pack all medications in carry-on luggage.
  • If flying with injectable medications, call the airline to verify requirements for traveling with this type of medication.
  • Bring a note from the fertility doctor to ensure medication is not confiscated.

If you have any questions about summer travel and fertility treatments, the supportive staff at our Nashville fertility clinic can assist.

Caring for your body during summer travel

In addition to making sure your medications and monitoring are lined up before travel, it’s wise to follow certain health practices to support your optimal wellness while away. These steps will ensure that you’re in the best possible state to conceive when you return.

  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.
  • Drink ample water.
  • Avoid sunburn.
  • Minimize alcohol consumption.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to relax.
  • Abstain from contact sports.

With a little planning and dedication to healthy choices, summer travel and fertility treatments can be a great pair. Contact our Nashville fertility clinic to schedule an appointment.


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