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Some states mandate that insurance plans written in their state cover some portion of infertility treatment.  Tennessee is not a ‘mandate’ state and that leaves many of those who struggle with infertility with an added burden of paying for their medical treatment out of pocket.  There is a bill called The Family Act (HR 1851) that could help make infertility treatment more affordable.  This bill was modeled after the Adoption Tax Credit and would create a tax credit for middle and low income families to help them pay for infertility treatments.

Here is a  summary of the bill taken from

Family Act of 2013 – Amends the Internal Revenue Code to allow a tax credit for 50% of qualified infertility treatment expenses.
Limits the dollar amount of such credit to $12,970 for taxable years beginning in 2013, with a phase-out of such credit for taxpayers based on adjusted gross income.
Defines “qualified infertility treatment expenses” as amounts paid for the treatment of infertility via in vitro fertilization if such treatment is provided by a licensed physician, surgeon, or other medical practitioner and is administered with respect to a diagnosis of infertility by a physician licensed in the United States.

It was introduced to Congress on May 7, 2013 and was referred to committee the same day where it may die unless we support this bill!

If you want to support this bill, the best thing you can do is to print this Family Act letter, sign it and bring it in to your next appointment at NFC, or mail it yourself to your Congressional Representative.  If you live in District 7, Marsha Blackburn’s information is already on the letter.  If you are not sure who your representative is, follow this link to find out.

If you are a client at NFC, we have printed copies of the letter at our office, you can just sign it and give it to any staff member.

We at NFC want to help you in your family building efforts as much we possibly can – please let us know how we can help you.


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