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The Holidays and Infertility

The holidays and infertility don’t need to be stressful if you’re prepared

The Holidays and InfertilityAt our Nashville fertility clinic we know that the holidays and infertility can be a pairing that makes many patients cringe. Because this time of year often involves interactions with friends and family members eager for information on the state of their loved one’s lives, individuals facing infertility need to prepare for the onslaught of inquiries at social gatherings.

Tips for navigating the holidays and infertility

To achieve as much peace as possible as the year rolls to an end, try these strategies.

  • Send your regrets for parties you don’t feel like attending.
  • Be selective with who you spend one-on-one time with, only having personal conversations with those you know will be sensitive to your situation.
  • Create your own holiday traditions if it’s too stressful to participate in traditions with extended family.
  • Remember that you’re allowed to express your feelings. You don’t have to brush off sadness or frustration just to make others more comfortable.
  • Rehearse your answers to questions that are sure to come with the holidays and infertility.

At our Nashville fertility clinic we encourage you to cut yourself some slack as you move through the holidays, making your well-being the top priority.

Finding time for yourself

It’s essential to rest and recharge while in the whirlwind of the holidays and infertility. The following tips will help you slip away and soak up much-needed down time.

  • Give yourself private moments to allow any and all emotions to flow through you. A good cry can be the best remedy for the stress of the holidays and infertility.
  • Engage in activities that feel good, and maybe even inspire some laughter!
  • Plan a solo getaway for you and your partner, even if it’s just an overnight trip. Changing up your environment can be an ideal reset button.

All of us at our Nashville fertility clinic are wishing you cozy, restful and happy holidays! Contact us for more information about fertility care at Nashville Fertility Center.


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